Son was in a accident alright now

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    Yesterday morning, my eldest son was in a car accident, no one else was hurt. After work yesterday morning, they had a party, cake, ice cream, etc and apparently, he had too much, and had dinner too early. Anyway, he was at a stop light and it turned green and he went, and before he knew it he blacked out. He ran into a fence. Truck flipped over.
    Has a broken arm - thankfully he had on his seatbelt and the airbag opened up. The Officer told my husband that if he didn't have his seatbelt on and the airbag didn't opened up then he could've gotten hurt more seriously or even worse.
    When my husband heard how this happened, he asked the doctor to do a blood sugar test on him ( my husband is diabetic and this was one of the first symtoms that he displayed)so the doctor did and his level was 230, this was 4-5 hours after the party, just wondering what it was when he had the accident??

    I'm taking him to the doctors on Monday (he can go on his own -being 22 years old, but I just don't want him to forget to mentioned this blackout and the blood sugar and he just might. Most of you know how kids can be). We took his blood sugar this morning and it was 130 - I know the new standard is 100 or 104 depending on what doctor says what (I know my husbands family doctor says its 100, and our cardio doctor saids its 104)but we think he might be diabetic. Guess we will wait till Monday. In the meantime, we are taking a finger pick every day to see what it is. (On a good day, my husbands is 115-120 and he is on medicines and watches his diet).

    He has to go to an orthopedic doctor but I can't get the referral till Monday. I called the insurance company, thankfully they will pay his medical (now and future- related to the accident- THANK YOU!! because I can just see the bills coming in- especially this time of the year).
    Also they are going to be paying for loss wages - they asked me how long do I think he will be off work, I told them I really didn't know as his arm is in a full cast ( he broke it near the shoulder, so I told them I will keep them posted. They asked where does he work and I told them he works 2 places they were amazed that someone that young would do that -- plus I told them that this weekend he has drill duty with the Army. They ask was he going and I told them that he had to for tomorrow and as to Saturday and Sunday, that it would be up to him depending on what he thinks he can and can't do, so they told me to call them on Monday.
    Thats it for now, I will keep you posted.

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    Mary, my heart goes out to you. Your son, on the other hand, I'd like to smack hard. He must understand how irresponsible he was and what a blessing that he's still alive.... I hope this is a wakeup call.

    Sorry, this is a hot buttom for me. I know you'll keep on top of it. You sound like a responsible mom.

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    He wasn't drinking or anything. They had a get-together at work. As for being diabetic, we don't know for sure till we get a firm dx from the doctor. We told him already though that if he is, he can't have sweets or colas anymore and he would have to watch what he eats and eat at regular times.
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    Hope your boy recovers quickly. Always scarey when our kids get hurt.
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    My prayers are with your son and family. A parent's nightmare, isn't it?

    I wish your son a speedy recovery..


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    I'm so glad he's going to be alright...


    Nancy B
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    I apologize. I misread your post. I hope he's doing well now.


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    It was good that he wasn't badly hurt- I'm sure it could have been worse. It does sound like diabetes. Guess you'll find out on Monday.....take care!
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    Marta - I accept your apology.

    I took my son to the doctor today. The doctor did some sort of blood test where you can tell from the last 6 weeks if you are or not diabetic -thankfully he isn't. But he does want to watch him since he knows about it running in the family. The doctor is concern about his blacking out. has given him a referral for a CT scan to make sure that there is nothing wrong. He also knows that he went to Iraq, and even though he has asked my son if everything was alright over there for him, he wants to make sure.
    He will also be going Monday to the Orthopedic doctor on Monday. Not the one that I wanted him to go to, as that doctor doesn't have an opening till Mid January and that will be too late. So he will be seeing someone else in the group. This doctor is ok, as I seen him myself when I fractured my hip last year.