son with CFS, daughter with bulimia

Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by GILL, Sep 12, 2002.

  1. GILL

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    My son aged 12 has had Cfs for 10 months. He was getting better but has gone down hill again. I have had CFS for 5 years. I can manage mine but am getting totally stressed out about my kids. My daugher, aged 17 , admitted a few weeks ago that she has bulimia. My head is spinning. I have to support my children whilst still being unwell myself. I am at my wits end. Sorry it sounds a bit disjointed, writting it as it is!!

    Hope i am in the right place

  2. chinassa

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    has gone like this...
    Grandmother broke her hip,father lived w/her he's an alcoholic(sp)don't feel like looking it up) My son has been
    diagnosed with CMV and my husband had a girlfriend for a yr
    We had just moved in our home (finally i bought a house no more apt living)2 weeks later my life changed.
    I am a diabetic and know what you mean when you speak of
    being a caregiver and sometimes needing one yourself.
    Don't feel disjointed alone.I find just writing on here helps me.(whether anyone writes back or not)
    I want to say i am sorry you are going through this.I try to
    tell myself we will be blessed for it someday.
    I am at work when i do this so if i don't get right back (if you write back) i will be back sooner or later.
    I go see my grandmother in rehab and think of the nurses.
    Wow what people some of them are.Some are worth their weight
    in gold.Gill i think you are worth your weight in gold.
    Our family took care of us and what can we do but take care of them.You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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    My heart goes out to you!! ((((gill))) I pray you can keep hope!! I hear stories of people improving, even full recoveries...

    My 16 year old daughter has been ill since Feb. '99; it has developed into CFS and she's very miserable! I told her I will not give up hope for her...and I keep praying & searching for what can help.

    My other daughter, 13, is nauseated, not full CFS symptoms, ... I think it will be much better for her I do not see her going downhill with puberty, as my older girl did.

    I have health, thank God, but just got through divorce with abusive husband of 17 yrs...trying to recover and pull life together!
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    Eating disorders are now thought to be part of our illnesses. There are a lot of illnesses which may all be part of the same family, including autism, ADHD, and a whole slew of others.

    I am sorry you are having such a hard time of it. My Mom had FMS, I have CFIDS and FMS, both of my daughters have FMS, one of them was annorexic, and I have two cousins who are annorexic. One of them has some kind of autoimmune disorder which the docs have not been able to identify. I never met my Grandmother on my Mother's side, but from what I have heard, she may have had FMS as well. She died very young from a heart attack.

    These illnesses run in families.

    Love, Mikie
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    Gill, I am 18 have suffered from cfs for over a yr now and depression from the age 15... I have kicked against my mom's support in more ways than one. She is depressive herself, but still she copes and cares for me in such a way that i don't know how she does it... Even if your kids don't say how much they appreciate all your love, they do i promise!! Just keep going, by the sounds of it, you're doing a dam amazing job! Things will pick up, they always do... i'm sorry i can't be of anyhelp with your daughter, no experience, but i thought you might appreciate a younger input.. Love Charl xxx