Sonoma County in Northern California is a goldmine for ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Neuro-immune treatment

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    I wanted to share a posting that I found online... What do you think?? Should we all move?? ;-)

    Hello all!

    I want to let others know about the community that I have found after a lifetime of searching. I have been ill with ME/CFS, more than half of my life and I feel that I have finally found an incredible community for those with hard to understand ailments. Let me explain... (website addresses as well)

    "West County" (the Western part of the County; includes Sebastopol, Guerneville, Cotati, Santa Rosa, Jenner Beach etc etc.) It is beautiful wine country, and there are endless forward-thinkers there, with countless integrative health practitioners. It is the norm there! Many people say that they "go there to heal" because it is so embracing and very healing for people who need special medical attention. Many MDs also practice herbal and nutritional medicine, and even work side-by-side with acupunctures. I am not talking about one clinic like this-- I am talking about the entire community as a whole is this way!

    Here are some great medical bonuses about "West County" of Sonoma County:

    *Integrative Medical Clinic (they accept medicare too):
    Dr Dozer is the lead MD there, but there are many Naturopath Drs (NDs) as well.

    **Gordon Medical Associates (Their main purpose is to treat ME/CFS, Fibro, Lyme disease etc., though they can get to be on the expensive side):

    **West County Health Center: There is an organization called "West County Health Center" and they offer sliding scale treatment for people with disabilities (they accept insurance too, including medicare) and they are very loving and kind to you.
    Watch their video:

    **Forestville Wellness Center: One of the subsidiary clinics of West County Health Center is the Forestville Wellness Center and they offer sliding scale, even complimentary treatments, to all of us "invisible diseasers". Treatments include acupuncture, massage therapy, nutrition (including free supplements!), group therapy, yoga, and many more!

    **Sebastopol Community Acupuncture: Held in an old Victorian Mansion conversion, you can get acupuncture on a sliding scale, from $20-$40. Plus there are Chinese Medicine experts in herbalism and much more there.

    **Local Support Group: Then there is the support group, called the Carousel Network, with many people who come together and help each other through the many daily issues that we all face. There are many smaller subsets of groups as well.

    These really are just a few, really. There are sooo many different health practitioners there, from energy work, to surgeons, to shamans to physical therapists to psychics even. You name it, it is likely in beautiful West Sonoma County! It is a very well kept modern area, set among the vineyards and orchards. Pretty amazing.

    This community is built up from very hard working great liberal thinkers who believe in nurturing the land and coastline, and helping neighbors. They accept all of us weary, whether we are gay (big gay community because so many people are so accepted), straight, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, young or old, atheist, religious, farmers, business folk... Really, it is true. Such kind and wonderful people who really care about helping and respecting each other.

    Just some real food for thought!
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    It is a very HEALING area of our country, I live in So. Cal, but did live in San Jose for a while and visited the communities listed in the article....healing indeed...

    The big BUT now is coming, the fluoride pushers are doing their best to fluoridate the waters up there....the fighers are fighting this.....

    Plus the No. Cal. world is breathtaking and moderate enough compared to
    most of the U.S. Colder if one is from So. Cal...I was cold up there but
    for many it would be a heaven place to wise.
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    We have a lot of healers here in my area of So. Cal. BUT the very wealthy hollywood influence sets their fees for the most part....

    No Cal has "old" money and the more old folk remedy type healers as I saw it since I lived up for a while.

    No. Cal. does NOT like So. Cal. people lifestyles, but that is not fair in my mind but I'm not rich just happen to have landed in So. Cal. Hollywood influences the world. I found No. Cal. a more basic down do earth environment, but I'm pretty basic coming from PA... Then there is the silly valley tech world!!!! Talk about change and money....Oh, I got off on a ramble....