Son's chronic prickly heat.

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    Hi all.

    My 14 yo son has prickly heat numerous times throughout the day when he gets overheated (sun, overly warm room, exercise, etc). He says that it feels like hot needles poking in his skin. He breaks out on chest, back, legs, arms, hands, fett - this a few minutes until his body cools down.

    We're trying all kinds of home remedies and one bout of antihistamines. Some relief, but not anything that has stopped this.

    I feel so bad for all he's going through. It's hard enough to be a teenager and just recently he was diagnosed with bipolar I mania, so we need to be careful of any meds. He's on a hefty dose of several for the BP disorder.



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    I'll eliminate the known causes for your son's prickly heat and see if this helps. Do you think your son had an allergy to those things that somehow affected his ability to sweat?

    If you don't mind my old was he when he got it? Did he breakout all over his body? Can you think of anything other than the allergies that may have brought it on? He was never allMy son used to sweat easily, now only in armpits somewhat.

    Sometimes my son will only get it in feet/hands and other times all over.

    Did you use a hydorcortisone creme? I've read that one should stay away from either creme or ointments as it blocks the pores moreso.

    Thanks and blessings.