Son's symptoms - should I be concerned?

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    Since I've noticed so many of us have looked back in light of our diagnosis and seen early warning signs or manifestations of our disease, I'm wondering if I could get your advice about my son's symptoms which concern me. I've taken him to the doctor a number of times (I'm sure they think I'm projecting my own "hypochondria" on him) and am told there's nothing wrong with him - blood tests, x-rays, etc. all are normal.

    When he was 18 months old he got a bad case of chicken pox. At age 2 he began to cough all the time, particularly when lying down. That lasted about a year. I believe prayer cured that, but it was devastating while it was going on. He couldn't sleep and ended up with dark circles under his eyes all the time. Once it ended he did much better. But off and on, particularly in spring and summer, he is sluggish and gets those dark circles under his eyes again. By the way, he's ten now. He has little white flecks in his fingernails sometimes. He has a constant case of cradle cap. He gets canker sores in his mouth a lot. He also frequently complains about sharp pains in his hip, leg, arm, and finger tips. He is very forgetful at times, even though he is very bright. It seems he is not processing what he is hearing (brain fog?). He gets depressed and weepy at times. Normally he is energetic and happy. He is very thin even though he eats a lot. He struggles with constipation and craves carbohydrates, eats lots of fresh vegetables, but I have to fight with him to get him to eat meat. It all seems very suspicious to me, but my husband and the doctor say the pain is growing pains. Oh, also he has a serious problem with tooth decay even though he brushes, flosses, and rinses with fluoride rinse twice a day. And he has developed this strange blistering eczema like thing all over his hands, but it is responding to hydrocortisone cream. What do you think? Should I pursue this or just keep an eye on him?
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    so don't berate yourself for that.
    I think cradle cap is caused by a vitamin deficiency. Maybe you can talk to a dietician or nutritionst. Sounds like you have concerns that he's not eating a balanced diet and they might be able to help you with that. Dark circles and some of those other symptoms can sometimes indicate food allergies. A good book to read about this is entitled "Is This Your Child?" by Doris Rapp.
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    When I was eleven is when my symptoms began to show up. Mild and erratic but there.

    I have this strange blistering thing that seems to coincide with a large flare.

    I develop these small blisters- not filled with fluid. They break open and become very sore and itchy. It mostly happens on my finger tips. It last for several weeks and my fingers are very tender and sensitive. No doctor has been able to help me- cortisone is what they give me. Is it like this?

    This has been happening since I was eleven- coincidence?
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    What you are describing is EXACTLY what he has on his hands. It started with a couple blister-thingys and within a week covered his fingers and palms on both hands.
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    Keep an eye on him. I would start a daily journal for him, also.

    I bet your jaw hit the floor when you read what I wrote. Mine did when you replied. I started wondering in February if the two were related, because I had just had a major flare and my hands started to blister and peel. I'm thinking they might be. I read a post one time that explained exactly the same thing, and they said they were told by a dermatologist that it is a symptom of MS.

    I just did all the MS testing (except spinal) and everything was clean. Sometimes I wonder of MS and FMS are somehow related!

    Good luck with your son. I sometimes wonder about my kids, too. My daughter, who is 13, seems to have some sleep problems and my son, who is 17, seems to get achy a lot. I just pray and keep an eye on them.
  6. IgotYou

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    ... that if the hydrocortisone didn't help that she'd refer him to a dermatologist. Since he got this thing, if he gets his hands wet they get very red and chapped and are very painful. But I'm more concerned about his immune system. It seems I'm on the right track that it's not what it ought to be? Does it sound like it could be early FM?
  7. PatPalmer

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    I can see from your very descriptive post, he is dehydrated at cellular level, and has multiple viral/bacterial infections.

    His cough, sharp pains & constipation are an indication of hypertension & dehydration.
    As he is worse in the spring/summer, could be dehydration again.

    Wholemeal instead of white bread is better.

    You may already do this but cut back on refined sugars & processed food.

    Growing pains are really dehydration.

    White flecks in the nails are an indication of calcium deficiency.

    Please be sure he drinks as much water as possible (half his body weight in ounces) with pure unrefined Sea or Rock Salt added, of which he needs 1/4 tsp a day. DO NOT USE TABLE SALT.

    I usually fill a 2ltr container with tap water and add the salt to it. Though you can use mineral water if it`s not expensive.

    You can`t taste the salt at all, and I even like to eat rock salt crystals neat, great cure for dry coughs & helps with sleep.
    I think you will find his carbo craving lessen with the water/salt regime. Be sure he drinks half hour before food.

    Sea/Rock Salt is absolutely safe, use in cooking and he can`t overdose on this:- water & 1/2 tsp a day cured a boy of 10 of chronic asthma.

    Next he needs Essential Fatty Acids - Omega 3, in the form of Flaxseed Oil. 1 tbsp a day with food. I usually have a spoonful then chase down with milk, no taste then.

    If you can get a combination product by Higher nature which has Echinacea, Black Elderberry, Olive Leaf Extract & Myrrh in, this will deal with his viral/bacterial infections and also boost his immune system too.

    If not use Olive Leaf Extract capsules on it`s own.

    He needs a good quality Multivitamin & Mineral supplement, as much Vit C as poss, and B Vits.

    If your son has problems swollowing tablets/capsules, it may be worth looking into giving him Cytolog & Cellfood Multivitamins. Look these up on the web for more information.

    It breaks my heart to hear of someone so young suffering, I hope I have helped both yourself and your son. please give him a big hug for me.

    Love Pat.

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    I agree with the person who suggested Dr. Doris Rapp's book, Is This Your Child?. Do not start him on anything until you read that book. You are looking at classic food allergy/sensitivities. My son had everything you described except the hand blisters. But my sister has food allergies and that's where it shows when she eats the wrong thing.

    What are his 5 favorite foods? Is there common ingredients? Usually people crave what they are allergic to or that hate the food. Need to seek a health care professional that treats leaky gut syndrome, usually using Great Smokies Labs for testing. Please read the book. My son ended up being very allergic to corn (which is in EVERYTHING), but more importantly he doesn't tolerate a lot of supplements and meds because they have corn as a binder or sweetener. Be very careful what he takes for meds until you find out what he is reacting to. You could make him worse trying to help him. Get his leaky gut healed then start building up his immune system.

    My son has gone on to be diagnosed with CFS and food allergies are very common with that. Mainstream medicine is not going to help you. Believe me, been there done that and spent too much!! Great Smokies will give you the names of practitioners in your area that use their facility. That's where I'd start. Keep us posted. And yes, keep pushing. You are your son's only advocate, keep on keeping on. -Karen
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    Dark circles under the eyes can be an indication of allergies or sinus problems.

    I hope you find out what's going on soon!!!!

  10. IgotYou

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    Thank you so much for your advice. I'm going to try it. His cravings appear to be carbs of all kinds - but he especially loves refined wheat. I refuse to buy white bread - whole wheat only, but he gets it at school (I hate the school lunch program). I also only fix whole grain brown rice, but when he can get white rice he really devours it! I'm thinking I may need to start packing lunches again, but often he won't eat the good food I pack and trades it for junk food or throws it away, and as tired as I get sometimes I end up giving up on it. Anyway, great suggestions. I'm going to try them. I've already ordered a phyto-chemical supplement which I hope will help with the allergies (they may be related to plants - my mother has nearly debilitating hay fever). I'll also get him going on the sea salt as I've got it already for myself.

    Thanks again!