Sooo Feeling sorry for my self and depressed

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sfrazier, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    Lately my pain has been getting worse along with the herniated disc and I was to the point that I was hoping it was something besides Fibro. I got that thought just squashed by my PM. She said that I have had 5 referals and all have come back as Fibro. I am at the point that I was hoping some of the pain was from arthritis. Isn't that sad but at least that is something that is real and can be treated and disability doesn't look at it like a fake desease. I am just soooo very bummed.

    The pain keeps getting worse and the pain pills i'm on are not working (lowest that you can get in hydrocordon). Anyways tomorrow I'm going back to the pain clinic for another epherderal shot for my disc but I am also going to insisit that they give me something stronger for my pain killers. I can not be traveling almost 90 miles a month for and epherdal and there is no way I thing that an epherdal a month can be healthy for the spine. Thank god I have a appointment with my therapist. It always helps to go talk to him. Thanks for listening...............SueF
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    I also get depressed and feel sorry for myself once in a while. I hope you feel real better soon and find strong meds that can take away the pain.

    Hang in there!

  3. sfrazier

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    First no I don't have a tens unit and I'm on state medical so can't see them paying for me. I hate when I feel sorry for myself soo much. Usually I can talk myself out of it by remembering there are some many more people in the United States that are so much worse off then me but it's just not working real well today. Could be because it is a dark and dreary day and once again cold out. Yuck winter is really just a month or so away.....SueF
  4. jessica0123

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    I have been there too...because at least it shows up on an MRI, at least people wnt think I am lazy, at least my DR. will believe everything if I had proof of arthritis! The funny hting is I put all of these trips on myself. I do it to myself. We have got to stop beating ourselves up and wondering why me why me well I could be worse, I said that to my vcounselor last week and he said yeah you could if you had Cancer or even worse. We have to allow ourselves to feel emotionally our way through these bad times and get through them knowing its OK! It is OK to feel this way. Working on being in touch with me feelings!
  5. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    You know I wrote that on one of my self pity days and all I have to say is be careful what you wish for cause you might just get it. lol. Lo and behold I went to my pain clinic for another shot in the back and guess what he started telling me that i did have arthritis. Just wish someone had told me too. lol. Anyways working with my therapist is going slowly but surely so just keep going day by day. Thank you so much for your reply..........SueF

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