sooo nervous.. Disability determination will be in next week

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    Welp, another stressful time for me. Too much lately. I was contacted twice last week from my SSDisability examiner for two older med reports from Mayo clinic of all places. I took them to the Social security office to be faxed to my examiner. He has been soooo nice to me. Well, yesterday I called to be sure he had received them all. he said they had and that there was a lady Doctor(Hope that is a good sign) who has my case and is making her decision right now. he said i will sometime next week have their decision. I got up the nerve and was in a panic attack when asking him if Mayo would be a determining factor in my claim. I rambled i am sure, and explained that I had not had a good experience at Mayo. he said no that actually it would be my own Doctor's dictations that they would use as the determining factors and that those from Mayo were more less to see how much my disability had progressed since then. he said not to worry though. I would hear from them real soon.
    I am so nervous and uptight about all of this. I know in every single Doctor's report probably for the past year it speaks of depression so I am hoping and praying this will come out okay. They have really worked hard to get others opinions on my disability. They had requested paperwork from my Mom and past employers.
    I don't know the wait is killing me you all. We need this so much. I know that I am thankful to have a Husband and the income from there but we are raising three children and household bills and my medical expenses are killing us. Please pray for this to finally happen for me. I really need the support on this one. I don't know if i could take another denial. it seems like my life has been nothing but a downward spiral of no good since getting this DD.
    Thanks for being here for me.
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    Not much I can say except i`m keeping my fingers crossed for you,
    It`s a nerve racking time, - history speaks for itself so you should be OK.

    Lots of luck and love,


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    just try and relax,i know how hard that is ,but you worrying may just make you flare,try and feel postive about it,ill say prayers for you until you hear from them

    ps,disabillity has depression listed as a impairment so that may help you not hurt you, [This Message was Edited on 05/03/2003]