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    I'm sure alot of you are in the same boat. I wake up every morning in alot of pain. Mine does not get bettter as the day goes on. I either take some Percocet, or wait until about 11:00am when I can't stand it anymore. Every night before I go to bed, I think, umm maybe tomorrow will be a better day....I've just finished with giving myself guilt trips when I need pain meds. I'm at the point where I question are things going to get any better? This illness is incredibly draining, and I'm beginning to be very aware of the disability that can come with it. I maintain that I'm not depressed, just very upset about my situation. I've become a terrible mother, wife, and I can't even take care of things at home at this point. The only things that keep me going are my kids, husband, and knowing that there are others in worse shape than myself. I'm getting weepy these last few days as I have a doc appt. on Tuesday. Just for more pain killers. That seems to set off the emotions for me, as I've spent soo much wasted time in docs offices!! I will say I've finally got my doc to understand my situation. No more guilt trips for pain meds...Thanks for listening, Laura
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    I am so sorry for you!! So many of us have been right where you are. It's not fun wanting to do more than you can, or expecting more of yourself than you can give. But I'm betting you are NOT a terrible wife or mother~!

    Really, an antidepressant probably would not hurt. Most of us are depressed because of the constant pain we're in and because we can't do for our families as much as we want. that would cause anyone to be depressed.

    There is nothing wrong with a little help to get through all this, because it probably is not going away, sad but true. I hope your hubby and kids are supportive of you, and that you can find it in yourself to have a little YOU time. You can't always do for everyone else. You are a very special person and need to put yourself first so you have the energy to give to others.

    Remember you only have so much energy for the day and stagger it out - pace yourself - so you aren't running on empty before evening.

    Please take care, and know that none of this is your fault!

    Friends - Jole
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    Laura I'm sorry to hear that you are in such a bad place right now but rest assured you are not the only one that is sick of being sick. I wish you had filled in your bio it might help a little bit on the advice but that's okay. Do you only take pain killers or are you also on other meds. I know for myself I'm on about 12 different meds and only one for pain. Now granted it isn't working very well and have a dr. appointment on monday and a visit to a pain management clinic on tuesday but there are other drugs that can help ease the pain during the day. Also understand that if your doc wants to put you on some anti-depressent that does not mean you are depressed. These help with the chemicals somehow in your brain and can help make the pain a little less during the day. Good luck with your doc appointment hope he will give you some help. Hang in there and remember you are not alone on this site........SueF
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    Rick-I've been taking my morning meds at 4 am too.Between that and a warm bath,it gives me a better start to my day.I take Neurontin,kadian(morphine)and flexiril and what a difference it makes.

    Laura.....being a housekeeper isn't nessarily being a good wife or mother,Think of some of the celebritys that have nanny's and housekeepers,That doesn't make them a good or bad mother.

    What makes a wife or mother is love...and being there when your spouse or child needs to talk.I bet you are an incredible mother,Linda
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    I think your first problem is to get the pain stabilized. Once this happens, then you can think more clearly. Do a google search on pain and do some thorough research. You'll be surprised to find that many Americans are suffering unnecessarily because docs have misinformation on pain control.

    Chronic pain must be controled, because if it isn't your brain gets rewired, and you actually become even more susecptable to pain.

    Get your pain treated NOW!!! You can print off some of the research on pain and take it to your doc. This is very important to act now. Don't blame yourself, get your pain treated.
    Love and Hugs...
  6. abcanada

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    A big Thank you to all of you who listen to people like me!!! I'm hurting today as I have two Percocet to get me by until Tuesday afternoon. I have to start making an appointment before this happens. Anyone else go through 100 Percocet in three weeks? I hate it though, I call the doc and have to wait a week to get in, or see someone else who I know will give me a hard time about pain meds-NO Thanks, I'd rather wait to see my doc. I'm just to the point where I'm accepting this as a chronic condition, so I'd better start treating it like one. Thank you! Laura
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    yes yes yes.... I go around mumbling this to myself a lot or venting to my partner who is wonderfully supportive. I hate that I am in pain all the time, tired all the time, that I can't clean or fix meals as often. You should see my weeds.... sigh. I feel guilty and sad about all of it. I do have antidepressants to help some and am still working on the issues of pain management with my doc. My only sage advice is to just hang in there. I have found that concentrating on doing a craft project helps me with my pain and fatigue management. It kind of just lifts me out of myself for a while. you might try and find something like this for you. If nothing else you will have christmas presents to hand out hehe. Best Wishes Diana

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