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    I haven't been on this board in awhile, and the original reason was because i was doing soooooo well and was almost my old self.. i felt better than i had in years, up until about 6 months ago when i was exposed to water leaks in my office which eventually turned into mold.. now i'm suffering with WORSE symptoms than ive EVER had before; dizziness, feeling "detached" from reality, headaches, hair loss, HORRIBLE fatigue, and several others. I've never felt this bad. How could this happen when I was almost cured? I'm completely miserable, and was so optimistic before, but everything that helped me in the past isn't helping me at all now. I'm just so discouraged, and this deterioration of my health has been ruining my life. I may have to quit my job, I can barely drive, relationships with my boyfriend and my friends are barely hanging on by a thread. Nobody understands how hard this is, and I'm just so depressed and so upset. I was doing so good, and I feel like I just took 1000 steps back, and it was completely out of my control :( How will i ever get better? I can't stop crying, I'm a complete mess, I wake up every morning and just cannot believe I feel like this. I was doing so good :(
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    Sorry to hear about your setback.

    If this mold exposure occurred at your workplace, you may be
    entitled to workers' comp benefits. (Laws vary from state to state.)

    Might want to consult a workers' comp attorney. (There is generally
    no fee until the attorney obtains an award for you.)

    Good luck
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    i don't usually vent like this, but lately i just don't know how i'm ever going to continue, its been 6 months feeling this bad, and i don't want to imagine how long it's going to be before i feel even just a little bit better. of course NOW all of my friends are calling and texting and want to hang out, and most of them gave up a long time ago, when things weren't even as bad as they are now. My boyfriend just can't "deal" with this anymore, and he claims that I'm ruining this relationship, and not trying hard enough. It's just not fair. What did we all do to deserve this, and for this long? It's not like it's a flu where it's with you for 3 days, but for years? I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, nobody should ever have to go through this. My life was so close to perfect, perfect job, perfect relationship, and almost perfect health, and now it's back down to zero.

    Sorry for being such a downer, but thank you for the help.
    KJM I messaged Slayadragon so hopefully will hear back soon. The problem is also that I did take off of work (told my boss I just couldn't work there anymore) and it's been about a month now, but I'm not feeling ANY improvement whatsoever. Back in July I was out of the office for a week and felt SO much better, until I came back into the office. So maybe now I've just been exposed too long, and it's harder to reverse. You're so lucky your husband supports you! He is definitely a keeper :)
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    Reading your post brought me to tears Babyk. I hate that you are feeling so discouraged and sick after you felt so much better! I know many of us can definetly empathize. Also sorry to hear your relationships are suffering. I know it is hard to see at the moment, but if you can try to draw on the memories u have of when u were feeling well; perhaps it will help u realize that being well again is not a far-out possibility. The other friends seem to have good advice too. Every little bit helps. Well mainly I just wanted to let u know my heart goes out to u and you're not alone. Take care of yourself. Grieve all you need, and enjoy life in the moments you can.

    Georgie :)
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    I know what you are going through and I know it is not easy. One of the big problems with mold related illnesses is that most drs do not know a great deal about it and there are not many sources of reliable proven documentation out there. Now don't let that discourage you, it just means that you must advocate for yourself. If I remember correctly you have seen an ENT, right? How about a pulmanologist? An immunologist? An endocrinologist? Do you have health insurance? If you do, find out if you have to have a referral from your PCP for a specialist or not, if not schedule yourself for one, if so, get one from your PCP. I have been exposed to mold in my own house for 15+ months and b/c I did not pressure my PCP enough in the begininng, I am just recently beginning to get answers and treatments for myself and child.

    A pulmanologist should be able to test you for mold allergies, mold related antibodies in the blood, test your lung functioning (which you might not even realize has been reduced as is our case), as well as many other tests which can then pinpoint what mold(s) have gotten to you and how to treat you. My son and I are currently undergoing extensive testing and treatment through one of the best respiratory hospitals in the country and I could kick myself for not seeking this treatment prior to now, especially since the hospital is literally minutes away.

    Some studies have shown that some molds can disrupt the endocrine system. In my case it has been my thyroid.
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    my daughter, who hasent been diagnosed with me/ or fibro, although i believe she has it in a milder form than me so far.

    worked in a mold infested office for 2 miserable years, she got to where she was sick on a daily basis the last year, sinus infection after sinus infection, nausea, bad headaches, hair falling out and a few im probably leaving out.

    it took her a good 6 months before her hair stopped falling out and almost a year before she was back to where she had been before.

    IMO, you have to get out of that office for a while so you body can heal, and you unfortunately will get sick again if you go right back in the Moldy sick building.

    has anyone else in the office got sick?? is it possible for the Company to get it remediated or maybe move??

    i too had a massive setback after major surgery, and didnt think i would ever feel better, it's been 2 years since the big crash, and i can tell you it's getting better. slowly but better. so theres hope for you too!! don't give up i know it's easier said than done,just do what you have to do to take care of you

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    thanks for the advice, and you're right i should absolutely see a pulmanologist. I did have another doctor who told me my lungs seemed "weak" and that I needed an anti-histamine, which I haven't exactly been taking as I probably should. I did go to a great doctor yesterday who put me on a treatment plan, it actually completely disrupted my endocrine system, and he even pin-pointed what specific molds it is that was affecting it. He put me on an entire treatment plan, and I'm on an anti-candida supplement as well as a strict diet that I have to follow also. I'm hoping that this will help a little bit. Thanks again for your help, and I hope that you feel better also!
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    i'm so sorry to hear about your daughter, I can completely relate to that and there is nothing worse than to have to go through that, especially at such a young age. I'm only 24 so I feel like i'm losing out on some of the best years of my life, but I guess I have to stay optimistic. My only issue is that my parents just moved into another house that might have mold also, so this might be why I'm not feeling any better, it's just so hard to tell. Some of the other girls in my office had the same symptoms as I did, but not nearly as bad as mine was, but I'm definitely a LOT more sensitive and the water leaks were actually right under my desk, JUST my luck! The company is trying to move, but I know it will probably be a couple months.

    Trying to keep my head up though, I guess everything happens for a reason, just not really sure what this reason is..