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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pw7575, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. pw7575

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    I am FURIOUS right now!! I went to the doctor months ago after a scary heart experience and was told to see a cardiologist and then come back and see my regular doctor.

    Well I saw the cardiologist and he did tests and they all came out normal so I go back today to see a doctor at my regular doctors office.

    And guess what she tells me after seeing that I have had heart palpitations, mood swings and leg cramps for 5 months with all normal tests...that I need to either take Xanx or go see a physchologist!!!!

    I am sooooo f****** tired of doctors telling us that we are crazy cause they are too stupid to know what is wrong with us.

    I KNOW that something is CAUSING all of these symptoms and it is NOT anxiety.

    I argued with her and had to tell her stuff she didnt know. They haven't even done a B12 test on me AND she didn't even know what Vegan was!! What doctor doesn't know what Vegan is???

    I asked her why all of a sudden would I start having all three symptoms out of the blue with no cause when I have never had problems like this before. She couldn't answer that. I asked her if she thinks anxiety is causing the mood swings and heart problems than what is causing the leg cramps and she couldn't answer that.

    These mood swings are MUCH more than just being down due to CFS. This isn't like anything I have ever felt and I KNOW and can FEEL that something is off and something is causing this. I know this is not a case of anxiety causing me other medical is something medical causing ALL of my symptoms including the anxiety.

    She was an IDIOT!!! I asked her if there were more specialized tests that an Endocrinologist could do and she said NO which I KNOW is a load of BS since all they did was test my TSH. They didnt test my T3 or T4 or anything. They do one test and she is going to sit there and tell me that there are NO other tests that an endo could do.

    Plus on my way out I got copies of all of my blood work since October and saw that in October when my symptoms were really bad that my TSH was 3.5 which is out of the norm according to American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. They are now considering anything above 3.0 (and possibly 2.5) to be suspect and a possible thyroid problem.

    Then in November (when my symptoms had calmed down a little) my TSH was 2.8. Is that a coincidence...that my TSH is in sync with my symptom severity? Plus 5 years ago my TSH was 2.3 so it is obviously going up. How much is a thyroid supposed to fluctuate? Even still my TSH would be considered high by many other doctors.

    The lab that my doctors office uses shows a normal thyroid if it is 0.4 - 5.5 which won't show many thyroid problems.

    Anyhow, I am sorry that this is long. Just needed to vent. I was so ready to flip out on that doctor but I kept my cool and disagreed with her sternly. Otherwise that would have added more to her saying that I am crazy :)

    Thanks for letting me vent!
  2. pat460

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    Just goes to show you--idiot doctors are in plentiful supply! That would have teed me off too! Have you checked all your medication side effects? Just a thought. Hope you find an answer soon.

    Take care, pat460

  3. roge

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    I/we feel your frustration.

    while my GP is pretty good as in ordering me tests , when I first started getting my myoclonic jerks/seizures, he was sure it was anxiety. yes I was scared and had anxiety as a result of my body moving involuntarily but it was not anxiety causing the jerks. That was 2 years ago and he now knows he was wrong.

    It might be time for a new doctor for you as clearly sounds like he or she has no interest in investigating and even referring you to another doctor, ie. Endocrinologist, not that many of them are any better with our disease but at least they can test for endocrine pathologies to rule these out.

    ya, I have even read TSH > 2 "could" be a problem but need to confirm with T3 and T4 which you haven't yet. It is just unbelievable how the TSH upper range was recommended to be 3 like 5 years ago!!! yet many doctors and labs still use 5 or 5.5, I mean get up to speed you dorks!!

    Also, just because your EKg was normal doesnt mean you don't have a heart problem, it is like an EEG looking for epilepsy, have to have a seizure when being measured for it to show, just like EKG, it could be that you didn't have any palpitaions when you were being monitored. EKG is far from being 100% sensitive diagnostic test.

    good to vent and release the emotion, now take a deep breath and re group which might mean seeing a new doctor.


  4. pw7575

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    It really did feel good to vent and get that off of my chest. Especially since I know everyone here has been through similar experiences with doctors.

    It is funny that this is definitely not the first time that I have been treated poorly by a doctor but it doesn't get any easier. You would think I wouldn't let them get to me anymore but I don't know how to NOT get mad when someone treats me that way and tells me it is all in my head.

    I hadn't seen this doctor at my office before. That is who they stuck me with today but I DON'T plan on seeing her again. I will pick another doctor at that office.

    There is a Dr. at my doctors office who supposedly has experience in treating CFS but her waiting list is 2 months long so I haven't gotten to see her yet. I was hoping others at the office would be just as good but I see that is not the case. I think I will put myself on that waiting list now.

    Thanks for letting me vent and for your support as usual. At least there are some people out there that I can count on :)

    Take Care,

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