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    I can't stand having to deal with the limited medical care here. I live in Germany with the US miltary. My husband is Active duty air force. The medical care is so limited here because the misions cames cames second. The dr wants me to go see a physical medicine. I called and guess what I can't even get an appointment I have to be put on a wait list. I am so sick of being brushed off. I am having back problems that they think are not really a result of the fibro but maybe not helped by fibro you know. I want to just get some pain relief.

    My regular dr is suppose to be looking into getting me a TENS unit to wear during work since I do office work and sit at a desk most of the day.

    Just had to vent....

  2. PatPalmer

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    Truly sorry you are having to suffer like this - so damn frustrating.

    I can`t really help you unfortunately - not sure what a TENS unit is. But wondered if a pad on the chair across the small of your back may help some? Also a foot rest can make all the difference too.

    Hope you gain some relief soon.

    Love Pat.
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    Have you thought about going to a German doctor perhaps who is familiar with fibro.
    I know there is a website in German for fibro and may be you can find a doctor through them who is close by your base, provided you can speak German, of course. May be you even can find the website on the Co-Cure List which lists doctors in Germany.
    Best wishes, Lucky
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    I would go with the suggestion to see a private German doctor. The Germans are some smart people. You may get help from one of them that you won't get otherwise.

    Good luck, and hope you get help soon, let us know how you are doing.
    Shalom, Shirl
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    I have thought about going on the economy but my insurance will not pay for it. And it is way to expensive at the moment. Our insurance may pay for it if I can prove that I can not be seen at Landsthul (Army hospital) but I will also have to get a new referal from my regular dr. Just a nightmare.

    I do not speak German...only been here a little over a year and haven't had the time or energy to try to learn.

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    IF your insurance will pay for it, do not be hesitant to see the German Dr. Most speak English fluently, and a lot even studied in the states. I had a baby in the Netherlands in 1970 and the dr's English grammar was better than some of the U.S. soldiers. lol! Your base should have a list of the civilian doctors that they recommend. I pray that you will get help soon!

    (((hugs))) Grannyofalot
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    I do take supplements and do believe that dr's are not gods or anything but right now I am haveing pain that is not fibro. I am having extreme lower back pain that may be caused by digenative bone dieases(SP). I have to work full-time and volunteer and do so many other things. I can not just take the time to find what natural things works. I need the big guns right now.

    I am 21 years old (not pre-menenpauseal(SP)). I think the possiablity for me seeing a German dr is out right now. We just don't have the extra money to through around because of things that may came up in the next few months. And my insurance will not pay for it.

    I just want to see the dr's that my regular dr wanted me too. I just don't see why that is so hard. It has really been bothering me.

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    Hi. I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. My husband was in the Navy for 15 years and we were stationed in Italy about 14 years ago. I know how frustrated you are with the military system. You're right about one thing - the military people come first. You are not being brushed off personally - it's just that dependants don't get "first dibs". I work in an office too. It's important that you try to get up a few times and stretch your muscles - it's not good to sit constantly. Also, can you explain to your regular doctor how bad you feel? Tell him how much pain you're in and that you can't get an appt. with the other doctor right away. Also, you may be able to go on the economy. There should be someone at the military hospital who works with families regarding this. We here in the States have Tricare, which is the military insurance. Also, there should be a Family Service Center. They should also be able to work with you. DON'T GIVE UP! Please let me know if this helps!