Soothe, Heal and Regulate Your Digestive System

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    Soothe, Heal and Regulate Your Digestive System with Nutrient-Rich Aloe Vera

    by Karen Lee Richards

    The Aloe Vera plant may be the world's most popular natural remedy, best known for its ability to promote speedy healing of burns, wounds and skin irritations. Despite its popularity, most people only know about the topical applications of Aloe Vera gel. What you may not realize is that Aloe also has numerous benefits when taken internally.

    What Makes Aloe Vera So Special?

    The Aloe Vera plant resembles a cactus in appearance, but is actually a succulent plant in the lily family. Its thick meaty leaves are filled with a transparent gel that is a rich source of more than 200 naturally-occurring nutrients which include...

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