sore bleeding gums what am I doing wrong?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JoFMS, Jun 22, 2008.

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    I have just been to the dentist for a consultation to have my amalgams out safely and glad he actually knows what he's doing and will be giving me iv conscious sedation.

    I have to see the oral hygienist again tomorrow as my gums bleed too much and are very sore.

    I last saw the hygienist a yr ago and she didnt believe that I saw the last one only 6 months before as my gums were in such bad shape. I can't understand why my gums dont stop bleeding despite following everythign I'm told religiously.

    Do us fibromites get bad gums more than others? My husband only brushes his teeth once a day and doesnt floss or use mouthwash and he has no problems so I jsut dont get it.

    Anyone know how I can strengthen my gums? I already take 1500mg vit C a day along with a bunch of other supplemnents. I also dont eat much sugar and only drink water etc.

    Can mercury posioning make your gums bleed?

    I need a quick fix for my gums!

    Thanks all
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    First, do you smoke? Smoking is terrible for your gums (along with everything else). It depletes your body of vitamin C. I used to smoke, and I would get these large bruises on my thighs that would come out of nowhere. It was sort of scary actually, but hasn't happened in a very long time, not since I quit smoking.

    But - even if you don't smoke, 1500 mg. of vitamin C is not very much. Since your gum bleed so much, I would try taking quite a bit more. It's okay to take up to bowel tolerance (till it makes your stools loose). I've taken up to 12,000 mg. a day when I've been sick with no problem.

    Also, CoQ10 is supposed to be very good for your gums so if you're not taking that, add it. I've read people should take anywhere from 100 to 300 mg. a day.

    One more thing - Waterpiks are supposed to be very good for your gums. It'll cost $35-$40 but I think is well worth it. I have one that I've used for two years now and it's great.

    Good luck --

  3. JoFMS

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    Thanks for replying.

    I have my appointment in an hour adn am dreading the hygienist goign through the whole thing of telling me how to clean my teeth properly and looking at me in disbelief that I floss.

    I bought some Co Q 10 yesterday and am taking 30mg 3 x day and will try increasing it. I have also upped my dose of Vit C to 3g and maybe even further if my bowels tolerate it. I also tried putting colloidal silver on my gums last night on some cotton wool just in case it helps adn am taking a tsp morning and night too.

    I'm hoping once my amalgams are out and after I start chelating that it might help clear it too as it's only since I've had the CFS in addition to the fibro that I've had this problem.

    Even after my oral cleaning a year ago, my gums still bled and continue to do so. I am not a smoker - just think i'ts because I'm very sick. I also take tramadol which I know can cause dry mouth so I'm going to ask about another toothpaste for that.

    It's actually crazy how many extra things us fibromites ahve to deal with and worst of all that no-one wants to listen. To be honest I'm more nervous about what the oral hygienist is going to say to me than the actual pain it's going to cause as they are so sore.

    I never used to have a prob with going to oral hygienist before i got sick. I am taking so many supplements that I'm going to end up broke as I cant work and trying everythign I can as we all are but it just goes round in circles.

    Thanks all much appreciated. Hope this appt goes well coz I just can't take feeling like I'm being told off everytime I go to the doctor or oral hygienist.
  4. sydneysider

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    If you don't already take digestive enzymes, then you might try that also. We have trouble absorbing nutrients. No use taking heaps of supplements, if your body isn't absorbing them.

    Vitamin C fixed my bleeding gum problem.

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