Sore, bruised feeling spots on ribs

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pam_roper, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. pam_roper

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    I'm 43 yr old female. I have major back problems but am wondering if these sore bruised spots all over my ribs, on both sides, could be fibromyalgia? It does not hurt to breath and does not reach my sternum or chest. I have so much pain radiating from my back issues, I can't tell what pains coming from what. Any answers would be so appreciated.
  2. znewby

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    it is possible that an aching rib can be lyme and worth getting checked for on your search to find an answer. it is worth ruling out.
  3. Denamay

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    Hi, I too get sore spots on my ribs, very sore! It is from my fibro as far as I know.

    I haven't found anything yet that helps. Just another painful body area.

    This is such a strange disease, yesterday I was in awful pain,could hardly move and in tears and today I feel [almost] normal and pain free.

    I am 74 years of age and have had fibro for at least 30 years.
  4. znewby

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    Some people who are told they have fibro actually have lyme. Some people think that fibro is lyme or its coinfections. there are at least a hundred different lyme or coinfections and doctors are out ot lunch in diagnosing them.

    Lyme symptoms can include:
    burning tongue, inflamed esophagus, people may think they have acid reflux, cough for no reason, inflamed lungs, pain in lower back, sharp pain in hip, pain going down leg muscle/tendon, swollen lymph nodes in armpits, tmj, aching thighs, pain or nodules along side of thighs, bladder problems. It is difficult to diagnose because i get the impression these symptoms do not take place together all at once. it could be that a person only has one thing going on at a time and periods of remission in between. is it any wonder that people with light cases of bartonella or other coinfections don't realize they caught something. I think I have lyme or a coinfection but no test has come back positive yet.

    It is important not to stay in the dark about these weird symptoms because they can advance to worse diseases decades later. Also if someone is planning to have a child they increase their risk of having a child with a defect or passing on the bacterial infection.
    This is just my opinion.
  5. tjblueeyes

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    When my ribs hurt, it hurts when I breathe in and out. I'm curious, how long did it take for you to get your FM diagnosis?