Sore Bump in neck, could it be cancer?

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    On the right side of my neck, I found a bump starting at my jaw going down about an inch. I also have a minor sore throat. I first noticed it about a month ago and it can be pretty painful and tender at times and then 20 minutes later the pain and tenderness will be completely gone. Also whenever i swallow my ears pop a little, Not sure if its related but worth mentioning. I smoked cigs for about 2 years, 6-8 a day and quit about 2 months ago. Also, I smoke weed occasionally and right after I smoke the lump becomes tender and painful. What could this be? Could it be cancer? I have been pretty worried about it. Thanks.
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    Hi chad and welcome.

    I see that you're a new member. ProHealth is a wonderful board, but it does not provide doctors so it is impossible to get medical care here and instead you are talking to regular people just like you.

    You bring up many medical concerns that if you think about it, it is definitely time to see a doctor. No one here can physically examine you and do tests to diagnose your sore throat, your lump or cancer--the internet isn't that advanced yet.

    We care and want to see you get help. If you do not have the funds, go to the top of this HEALTH BOARD to the post by me that is LOW COST/NO COST PRESCRIPTION/MEDICAL. Scroll down and you will find resources for free medical care. But don't put off calling because the earlier you get evaluated, the faster your worry will be addressed. Take care and I wish you well.

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