Sore, burning muscles!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by daquayom, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. daquayom

    daquayom New Member

    I am knew to this site and had a few questions concerning my fibro. Does anyone else experience muscles that feel like they have been very overworked with lots of burning and aching? I have this so bad in my thighs, arms, back, and neck that it is hard for me to even fold my laundry! I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 7 years ago but this is the first time with these symptoms and it has been going on for a solid month so far.
  2. msmac

    msmac New Member

    you describe. goes away and then comes back. trigerred by I think, stress, mental or physical. There are a couple of gels out there that help, as a starter, BioFreeze is one, and you can find samples at the drugstore. Not as deadly a toical as some. If you are having more severe pain, or that doesn't help, try to get a TENS or interferential unit to use from Doctor or PT. My burnings have in 12 years evolved to muscle spasms and weakness. But this is just me, and not meaning that you should "expect" to have same. Get support with your primary care provider, have him refer you or help, and always keep a paper trail of your treatments, tests, meds, etc. Good luck!
  3. marw

    marw New Member

    Mine seems to be triggered more by the weather or by sleeping poorly, but I definitely have it! Was one of my first Fibro symptoms! Diagnosed now for 4 years.

    What helps me is Heat....use heating pads,electric comforters, or hot water....showers or tubs. Everyone is different, so if that doesn't work, see if the TENS unit helps. I strongly recommend having one of these. Your doc can write a prescription, and then you can order in cheaply on the internet. Mine cost about 50.00. TENS will reduce spasms. Sometimes the aching is actually a part of spasms, so relieving those will help the aches.

    Good luck to you. I sympathize totally. For folding the laundry, and other once normal, but now difficult tasks, try resting as you go. In other words, put a chair near by, fold a little, then sit a little and do some deep breathing..or just read the paper or whatever. On a bad day? Just throw the stuff in the laundry basket and wait until later. I think a lot of stuff we do was seemingly written in gold somewhere that we had to do it, but actually we don't! (For example, I don't wash dishes anymore, I use paper plates....if my friends or family need plates, they know how to wash them.)

    Good luck to you. I know this is not an easy thing to have. I am just now learning how to deal with it myself....having first spent 4 years in denial! They say it is possible to live with this thing. I hope so. I have been to the doctor complaining of pain more in the last few years than in my entire life....never had even been to docs before that!
  4. lwhite

    lwhite New Member

    I am new to this site as well. I was dx with FM about 1.5 yrs ago. I began the Guai protocol 13 months ago and I am doing soooo much better. I'm nearing 60 years old, and after having all the classic symptoms of FM from childhood and suffering with the sore, burning muscles....I just had to do something. I gave myself a present and began seeing a wonderful massage therapist who after several months inquired if I had ever thought that I may have FM. She suggested I read Dr. St. Amand's books, which I did. It was like reading an autobiography. I decided to follow the book to the letter beginning with a dx from my doctor. Fortunately, my GP is a believer in FM as a REAL illness. He directed me to a Support Group, and I began the protocol. The trigger point burning has lessened considerably. I still suffer with the sore muscles, but at least now I know why. I have many more good days than bad ones....but I do believe that I have a high threshold for pain perhaps due to being used to it for so long. I am cycling in my left side at this time. I still have bi-weekly massages -- deep tissue massages -- they feel wonderful to me. Some people cannot tolerate that type of massage, but for me it works. I heartily recommend consideration of the Guai protocol for anyone who wants to reverse this DD. I have used muscle relaxers, pain medication, anxiety medication, anti-depression medications over the last 6 years or so. Since being on the protocol, I only use an anti-depressant and 1/2 of an anti-anxiety pill at night in order to get decent sleep. Rarely do I have to use anything for pain other than some ibuprofin. I purchased a memory foam mattress pad which helps a lot with the pain at bedtime. I have been on a "stretching" exercise program for several months, but I have not gone beyond that yet. I do believe that our muscles do not react the same as normal peoples' muscles, so I take everything much slower than others. It's nice not having to deal with the burning pain in my legs. It was not fun!
  5. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    Classic symptom for me. Just feels like you've been working for days and you don't have any reason to feel that way, but it happens.

    It can be really bad sometimes. Mine is good right now. Not too bad.

    Here are the things that have helped mine.

    Calcium/Magnesium supplements
    Chiropractic work (really helped this year. I had not been before, but boy, it really helped me.

    See if you have anemia of any type. Go to your doctor.
    Anemia (iron, B12) can make it much worse than normal.

    Taking a good multivitamin may help but takes time to work.

    Welcome to the site and I'm sorry you have to be here, but this is the best place I've been for support.

  6. angeljoe

    angeljoe New Member

    I have the same problem with my muscles aching and burning. I described this as hurting deep to the bone. This is how my Fibro started out. I honestly thought I was coming down with MS. Nothing else seemed serious enough for this type of pain. *I knew nothing about Fibro* I couldn't imagine there was a disorder that could make me this way without damaging my muscles. By your post it seems that you've had the Fibro a lot longer than I have. Isn't it weird how symptoms affect everyone different? The only thing I know that helps is a heating pad and blanket and of course the muscle relaxers. I hope you feel better soon.
  7. crsjag

    crsjag New Member

    I also have severe burning pain in my muscles. It will go on for days resulting in muscle spasms and weakness.

    I soak in a hot tub, then apply a heating pad to the area.
    I have found that when the muscles spasms get bad if I wrap up in a blanket real tight it helps.

    I am also on a pain medication, but it has it's own side effects.
  8. kfrench

    kfrench New Member

    I just was dx and I was given PT treatments. They did counter preasure the muscles in my leg and back and I found out my back was 1 inch higher on one side than the other. She gave me exercises to correct that. This really helped to loosen up the muscles. Now I do the stretching exercises at least twice daily more on any muscles that hurt, walk or do the pool exercises. You can do a lot more in the pool without pain than out of the water. Hot baths heating pads and a heating blanket. The PT told me exercise and stretching will help me not have as bad flare ups.
    Also sleep medication to help me get that deep sleep. If I sleep well than I have mush less muscle aches. If I stay up late or don't sleep well I hurt all over. Medicine doesn't seem to help much. I hear that cutting the sugar out of your diet is suppose to help too. I haven't gotten that disciplined yet.
  9. rachel432

    rachel432 New Member

    i initially went to my doctor because i had this tight burning in the muscles in my back and arms. i thought at first that i had over done it at the gym or hurt myself moving a patient at work. i stopped going to the gym but the pain in the muscles just kept getting worse over about 2 months which is when i finally went to my doctor. ithought i was going crazy. i haf other syptoms also over the past several yearswhen my doctor and i went through everything. then he started testing tenderpoints which felt like accupressure gone bad. since then i have become best friends with a heating pad and the drug robaxin really seems to help with the muscle spasms.
  10. Terry383

    Terry383 New Member

    Had that symptom for many years, oh how I remember. I have come to the conclusion that it had to do with lack of adequate sleep.

    Since being diagnosed with apnea and having my cpap I do not have that symptom any longer. Think it is a chemical reaction in the muscles that never seem to be able to truly relax and heal with no sleep.

    There is hope, I do not have it any longer even in 'waking' period of my Chronic Fatigue, even that is much reduced in frequency.
  11. laspis1

    laspis1 New Member

    I too experience muscle burning, at times very severe. I was curious if anyone else was talking about it, so I have looked for a thread on this subject. I think, you are right, lack of sleep does make it worse. At the onset of my FM I was diagnosed with parvovirus and I was told few people become as sick as I did, but it does happen. Well, at times I thought I had a dog's version of parvo. The burning was one of the worst things I have ever experienced in my life. It was not just deep in the muscles, it was also under my skin. At my worst I was afraid I was not going to make it, but when the burning pain kicked in,'not making it' was not a bad thing. The worst burning came into the abdominal muscles. I would just cry and hope to die. Thank God this is not happening any more. I am experiencing the worst flare up I had since and some of the burning has returned, particularly in my arms and one foot. Go figure. By the way, I was prescribed neurontin for the burning pain, but only after two pills ended up with ataxia in the emergency room.
    Whatever you do, make sure you get your sleep first. NO supplements will be of help, if you do not get the # 1 vitamin - your sleep!
  12. MeNow

    MeNow New Member

    I have this burning and aching sensation in one thight for a week now, It is worst in the morning as soon as Iget up the pain get down in my thight same when I get up
    during the night. It comes to the point I have problem to walk, I use a ski pole to go around. The pain fades as the day progressed and comes back in late afternoon.
    Is that sound like fibro ? I was dx 2 years ago but then only my back hadthis pain and burning sensation.
    I felt that the rheumy misdiagnosed me at the time because I had pain only in my back and on occasion in the knees and hips but the pain I have now in the upper part of my leg is something new, it feels like when you run after a bus and miss it,but only in one leg.
    I have too for a long time burning and pain under the skin, can't stay fully dressed, if hubby cudlle me I have to tell him he is hurting me. I have pain all over the surface of my skin not all the time but more and more.
    I think I am going crazy even if the rheumy said that I was not crazy.
  13. daquayom

    daquayom New Member

    I wish I could give you a postive answer to this question, but all I can tell you is that there are many, many symptoms to Fibro and they can be very different with each person. Do you have any of the tell tale tender spots on your upper back and neck area, hip area, chest/collar bone area, etc.? If so, I would be willing to say that you have Fibro. What about asking your primary care physician? Hope this help.

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