sore glands on sides of neck under the chin is it fibro?

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  1. the glands in my neck are sore alot, I wonder is it a part of fibro? I feel like I have mumps half the time. My dr. has felt them and never says anything. It is draining.
  2. dunnlb

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    Yes, that is a symptom of fibro. I have had sore glands everyday for 20-something years, more on the left side of neck than the right.
  3. elsa

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    More likely chronic fatigue syndrome which often ( but not always ) goes hand in hand with fibromyalgia.

    They are similar, yet different illnesses. Many of us have both, where some of us only have one to contend with.

    I have both .... lucky me ! LOL

  4. Mikie

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    That swollen lymph nodes always denote infection in the body. If one has chronically swollen lymph nodes, one likely has a chronic infection. Most of us with FMS/CFIDS suffer from one to seven chronic infections.

    Docs are getting good results with antiviral meds. If a patient sufferes from cell-wall-deficient bacteria, like Lyme or mycoplasma, long-term antibiotic treatment may be indicated.

    I do not believe we can heal as long as our bodies harbor these infections.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Diannepebs

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    I have Huge salvia glands with a suggestion by an endocrinoligist of a possibility of Sjogrens or mixed connective tissue disorder...Sjogrens would have dry eyes and throat which I don't have....unsure about the other option...apart from that my own G.P. has not a clue but it means something is not right surely...Dianne
  6. CFIDSNicole

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    I have CFIDS with a touch of FMS (not too much pain); I don't get swollen glands under my chin much anymore, but I have a chronically swollen lymphnode on the back of my neck. At the moment, I have two of them. They are a major pain. My doc doesn't think much of them--I told him about it, and he said, "Stop touching them." Well, come on, it isn't like I am sitting here all day pushing on them or something---i try to avoid touching them as much as possible.

    Good luck with them,
  7. allie42

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    Most of my swollen glands and the pains in my limbs tend to favor my right side. H'mmmm. Everyone else's see to be on the left.
  8. cjcookie

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    ache along with it. I had that problem worsen and it was an ear infection too.
  9. JLH

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    I think you are talking about your Parodid Glands. They are under your chin line, kind of below your ears a little bit. They kind of fall under your jaw teeth under the chin line.

    Mine swell all of the time. I have Sjogren's Syndrome and that is a part of that affliction.

    I also have fibro, but I also have systemic lupus. My rheumy never said anything about being connected with the fibro, but did say that people with lupus usually had other "side" problems like the Sjogren's.

    I think they go along with all the autoimmune diseases, though.

    I also have Raynauds Syndrome, another one of those "side" diseases!

    My parodid glands swell often, and are sore. They will also swell so much at times that they cause my teeth to hurt--it's like having an actual tooth ache for days! They also put pressure on my ears, making me think that I have an earache.

    And yes, they feel like you have the mumps!!

    I hope that this has helped you.

    P.S. The Sjogren's Syndrome also can cause dry eyes and a dry mouth.

    Take care,
  10. JuliannaG

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    in the place you describe.

    I also sometimes get sore glands on the sides of my neck, usually the left side, which is the side a doctor cut a cyst out of when I was a very little girl.
  11. Lurlasgirl

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    but I'm also one of the backward ones ... mine are more prominent on the right side.

  12. Bruin63

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    My Glands do swell when I am Stressed or have an infection going on somewhere in my body.
    Right now, I am fighting, a urine infection, and also my Mastoiditis is flaring, and I am spiting up, gross, black stuff, this is from my sinus.

    I also have more Pain on the right side it seems than the left, But, the left knee hurts have had surgery on it before, and won't again.

    My Ankles are weak, but I have more pain and more cramping in the foot, on the right side.

    You know that addage about "Right Brain, Left Brain"?
    Well that is me to a T, and I think this goes along with it. lol. sorry gotta laugh or I will start crying right now.

    Yes it is a part of FMS. I also have CMPD and I think that add's to the whole pain thing.
    (that drainage, tastes horrible and make me sick)

    Hope your feel better soon.