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    Hi, I've just been diagnosed with cfs, i had all the symptoms of lupas but all my blood tests came back fine. My gums are hurting again and two top back teeth are loose. I've had at leat 2 teeth pulled and my top back wisdom tooth actually fell out in my hand. Could someone please tell me if this is part of the disease please. My doctor prescribed me amitriptyline today, they seem to think a good nights sleep will help :-/ thank you very much
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    Well....considering you were just prescribed Ami then that can't be the cause!( Ami is known for rotting the teeth inside aunt just paid $40k for new veneers as she has been taking Ami for 10 years for migraines).

    A couple of things...many of us clench and grind our teeth - not just during the night, but all day. (I wear my mouth guard all day if I can remember to!). My teeth have literally fallen into pieces at the dentist's (last week - he swore - a lot!)

    A lot of people also find that their gums are sore due to a sinus infection - so possibly something to investigate as well.

    Are you trying supplements instead of medications out of curiousity? Have you had a good blood run up in regards to things like B12, D, magnesium etc?

    Hope you have a better day today. A.x
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    You might want to check out oregano oil. A friend was having gum/teeth problems and read up on this. I take about 6 drops in a tsp. of defrosted apple juice concentrate to keep me from getting sick. I used to get bronchitis ALL the time, also had pneumonia twice, but not since the oregano oil. Anyway, this friend put about 6 drops in about l/4 cup water and rinses with it. Her teeth have become more secure and her dentist has been surprised. I've been doing this also. Oregano oil is natures miracle for all kinds of problems.
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    It never stops amazing me in regards to how the most simple and NATURAL products can make all the difference in the world. When I was young and had a fever, my grandmother would soak washcloths in vinegar, wring out and wrap around my feet - pulled the fever out (apparently).

    The other thing that people seem to be getting good results from is coconut oil pulling...I believe it can take around 20 minutes to do...but some swear by it.

    I have been given a fluoride enhanced toothpaste, on prescription by the dentist...and tbh, I am not to sure about using it consider fluoride is not considered as a great thing to use anymore!
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    Oil pulling is great....I started out doing it with coconut oil...but then I found out cold-pressed organic sesame oil will kill 4 times as much whitens your teeth, it's relatively cheap, and it's a magical and quick cure for gum disease. Don't swallow the oil after you swish with it. It's a good idea to actually take both sesame oil and coconut oil internally, but not the one you swish with. The one you swish with pulls out all the bacteria and needs to be spit out into your trash can (not your drain). I like the benefits of coconut oil pulling and sesame oil pulling, so I alternate and do one on Monday and the other on Tuesday and so on. Oregano oil is another wonder, and you could put a crop or two in your oil pulling oil, I suppose. I might try that. I have two varieties...a good run of the mill "normal" oregano oil from Source Naturals and other good brands, I will take internally, but it burns and is hard to swallow, so you might want to get empty capsules and take it that way or buy it encapsulated. But I buy the liquid from a French company called Florihana and it's too strong to take internally so I just rub it on my feet and on the small of my back when I get a UTI and it will knock out a UTI it's so strong. My favorite oil though is black cumin seed oil. It was buried with King Tut in his tomb and it's been said to "cure everything but death." I take two tablespoons of it daily and it turned my health around almost immediately.

    Oh and I mixed together a salve of sesame oil, black cumin seed oil, coconut oil (from tropical traditions) and oregano oil (the source naturals brand)--all of them cold-pressed and organic--and rubbed them on my daughter's chronic psoriasis and also made her take all of them internally as well...and within two weeks, her psoriasis was healed. We have both spent a fortune on psoriasis creams and such her whole life (30 years) and tried expensive prescriptions too...with horrible side effects and no cure---and this simple mix of oils did it. I prayed for God to show me something to do to help her (it has gotten so bad her whole body was covered once), and I had the inspiration to mix these oils together....and it worked. So if you know someone with psoriasis, try it. I think the combination is what worked, but I think the most important component is the black cumin seed oil.
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    Has your doctor checked your calcium and vitamin D levels? Have you been checked for bone loss? Losing teeth is definitely not a symptom of CFS and is not normal under any circumstance. A good night's sleep isn't going to fix this problem either. :eek:
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    I am also doing the oil pulling and will keep the sesame oil in certainly has helped my burning tongue syndrome and I can't recommend it enough. On top of what @itsdonnagail already said, I also rinse my mouth out with very warm water afterwards in order to get rid of all the gunk in your mouth!