Sore knot on back of head.

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by beans, Nov 27, 2002.

  1. beans

    beans New Member

    Tonight a sore knot broke out on the back of my head behind my ear.
    Ouch. Its Sore.
    I get one every several months.
    Ii think there are glands that run up the back of the head .

    Does any one else get these and do you know why.
    What do you do for them.

  2. Judyindaskies

    Judyindaskies New Member

    I either have the knot behind my ears ofcourse from glands swelling along with muscles, ligaments and tendons. That's a fibro symptom. However, I also get the sore lumps on the lowback area of my head. It hurt so bad went to see neurologist. Who gave me a block injection to relieve it. It was an erritated and swollen nerve (ocipital nerve)to be exact. He couldn't understand how it got damaged without a blow of some sort to the head. Final dx was Sever Neuralgia/fibrositis. One of our many sidekicks to fibro. I usually put ice packs for comfort. Man it feels so good, and does relieve it. I also alternate with heat some days. Like a heating pad. And hot baths. Also the iceblue muscle cream. Have someone message it into that area, as much as you can take. Really helps alot. Good luck and Godbless!!! Have a healthy and safe, ofcourse wonderful Holiday Season.

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