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  1. atbowen60

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    I am rejoining this group and I am glad to be back.

    I have had many injuries to my neck and the one last year was the last injury. Labor and Industries closed my claim before I was healed. I am continuing to have pain in the neck and it is so stiff; if I turn it in a certain way I here and feel the muscle pop.

    The dr. is not quite sure if it is the injuries or the fibromyalgia or both causing the problem.

    Do other fibro people get a stiff neck and it is hard to remedy. I need advice.
  2. ladybugmandy

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    i started having neck issues since i got mono, which i am sure is due to brain stem infection.
  3. znewby

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    How would one check for such an infection? needle biopsy? My daughter used to say that she had what she called ongoing headaches in the brain stem region.