Sore palms and Stiff fingers

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jewelz, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. Jewelz

    Jewelz New Member

    Anyone experience soreness in the center of the palms? I get so tender and about a day after my fingers become stiff with extreme tenderness..

  2. samjenkin

    samjenkin New Member

    I have permanently sore hands which get worse during a flare - the bones, muscles and joints ache from my forearms down to the ends of my fingers. I type a lot in my job and I think this keeps them as flexibel as they can be (although its sore to type at times).


  3. Jewelz

    Jewelz New Member

    Yes its like a burn, stiff, hurts to extend fingers (the inside of my palms gawd thats like something inside lighting a match and trying to push itself out). I feel like the tin man. lol Needing oiled. My hands hurt and get so stiff I place them warm water in my kitchen sink. Even after I take them out its almost like it gets worse, but I hang in there hoping for it to go away. I remember my mom always complained of her hands being stiff, I thought it was just from old age. Guess not!! I type alot here at the house I mostly read research stuff about my disorders, etc. Ugh, Im just about there to call it quits with typing..