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    my eyes are so sore and ichie sorry cant spell 2 day
    my eye brows are full of flakes and this just started about to week ago help any idies
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    Cute Name: I had this in my eyelashes last yr it's kind of like dandruff only in your eyes.

    I went to the eye Dr and he said wash my eyes every morning with Johnsons Baby Shampoo (No More Tears) and at night and just generally when they were buggin me.

    It worked like a charm!!

    good luck,

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    firstly that you do NOT use anything to 'take the red out'. I know the poster was trying to be helpful but that is not a good safe long-term solution. It can cause worsening of broken vessels in the eyes which will result in MAJOR bloodshot eyes! A preservative-free drop will cause no damage and will soothe and lubricate your can use these as regulalry as you like. My preferred drop is Theratears. Drink lots of water too.

    This sounds like a condition called Blepharitis, or an allergy which incidentally can be a cause of can do a search and find out all about it! Have you used anything new near your eyes lately? Or on your body, hair, hands that you could be allergic to? It can be literally anything: hair products, skincare, makeup, perfumes, soaps, nail polish, hand cream, a new cleaning product, bubblebath, a newly acquired pet, a new houseplant etc??? can try special bedding if you can afford can be expensive..damp dust everything, vacuuming is important to keep them down. Wear wraparound sunglasses when you go outside incase it is due to a pollen allergy.

    You should try to minimize what you put into or on your eyes right now. Cool compresses are good. Hold them on your eyes for several and do it again several times upto five times a day. You can use camomile tea (just steep the bags in boiling water, let it cool and apply the teabags straight on to your eyes). This is good as long as you don't have a ragweed allergy. Euphrasia is also good and can be taken internally to help from the inside and externally on the eyes, in much the same way as the camomile teabags..if you could get euphrasia teabags then that would be good.

    The flaking, itching eyes need to be kept scrupulously clean if it's is like a yeast that proliferates in your have to keep your eyes so clean, keep those flakes down to prevent further irritation. But be gentle. Cool water and the gentlest oil-free cleanser you can find. Some do suggest baby shampoo as it does not sting the eyes but doctors are now warning against this practice (the reason why this stuff does not sting babies' eyes is that is contains a potent numbing agent..that is why it doesn't hurt..there are chemicals which numb the eye surface.

    You are better off with a lid ocusoft lid scrub. If you have MCS, you may not tolerate this but you are even less likely to tolerate baby shampoo (fragrance). Anything gentle which cleans your eyes without further irritation is ok...even salty water if you are not a makeup wearer! I cannot stress the importance of what they call 'lid hygiene'!

    Take essential fatty acids to lubricate from the inside as Blepharitis and allergies can lead to dry eyes. Flaxseed oil, Borage seed oil and fish oils will help.

    Check your diet and re-think it if it is full of naughty foods...yeast, sugar, those naughty carbs and red meat are all likely to make the problem worse.

    Eat oily fish, veg, some low sugar fruit like appels and pears, chicken turkey, nuts, seeds...they should all help!

    I can't think of anything else right now but if I do I'll let you know. I know what this condition is like...I have ocular rosacea along with my CFS and chemical sensitivity.

    HTH, Love Shelbo

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