[[[[ sore spots inside nostrils]]]]

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  1. Bruin63

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    I am now using a cream mixture, of half and half, Lotrimin, and Cortozone. I put this on my Sores, on the arms, and they are clearing up already, they are not Staph btw.

    The one in my nose, isn't from the Winter, weather.
    They did a scraping, and they are testing for other staph's, but so far nothing.
    I was worried it was MARSA as my Sister has this.

    They also are putting me on Erothoymicin, I barely tolerate this but will try.
    I think the Z-pack, Zithromyican, works better for me.
    We shall see.

    During the Winter, when we lived in Idaho, I would get those dry Crusty nose's, untill a Good Friend, gave us a Humidifier, one of thoes, Huge one's that look like a piece of Furniture.
    You filled it up, with water, and it would keep the air, Humid and I didn't get thoes, nose sores anymore.

    You can also Boil Water, on a stove top to keep the air moist. Just have to make sure the Pot dosen't go dry, tho, lol, Set a Timer to make sure.

    We are going to buy one of thoes Ionic Breeze's tho, as we got one for my sister who lives in Oregon, and she said it was the Best thing ever. Keeps the horrible smells out of her home, and it helps her to breathe better, so, DH said get us one too. I'm waiting for a Special tho, they are not cheap.
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    It is amazing how mauch better you can feel when you read that other people have the same strange problems ..

    I have had a "sore" in the tip of my left nostril for FOUR years .. constantly trying things .. neosporin etc .. it would calm down then come back with a vegence .. now .. in the last few weeks it is VERY toned down ( a toenail fungus/infection on my big right toe was also stubborn .. also FOUR years !) .. but some how they have both settled down ..
    I'm wondering if it is because of all the supplements kicking in ? .. plus I found this amazing foot cream .. Burt's Bees Foot Cream .. my feet look HUMAN again ! haha

    In any case .. I'm so glad to see other people with these problems .. I'm being tested for Lupus and didn't know about the connection until I read it on here .. so thank you all !

    Fusge : )
  3. cbs1234

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    Me too. They have been coming and going ever since I developed my ongoing problems.

    Boy, it sure looks like autoimmune disease to me even though none of my bloodworks shows any markers.
  4. MamaR

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    just wasn't aware that so many others had the same problem.

    Jake....where do you live in Texas? I know that it is a BIG state. My sis lives in Houston... and she has never had this problem.


    I had thought the same about immune disorder myself....because of the mouth ulcers that I used to get SO often.

    Fudge...I am so glad that you mentioned about the foot cream. I need to find some of this cream!!

    Sharonk.....I have some cortisone cream that I can try. The other I am not familiar with.

    But, believe it or not....it seems to be getting better!

    Thanks... and hope that you all do well with this. At least we have found from this post that there are some of us with sore noses....right!

    Have a good day....Mari

    I AM BACK!!!

    I have had to edit almost all of my messages today! I am just so terribly aggravated with this mind confusion!!

    I guess I will just give it rest!
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    I go to an amazing allergy doc.

    I get those dry crusty and sore spots in my nose too. Partly because I am on so many meds that are drying.

    He would like me to use a neti pot to irrigate my sinus, but I've tried it and I just can't do it without feeling like I am drowning.

    SO.... this is what helps me.

    Ayr makes a great over the counter saline nasal spray that hydrates your nose and sinus. You can use it every 2 minutes if you really wanted.. it's not addictive or harmful.

    They also make an ointment meant to put in your nose to hydrate the skin. It works really well. I put some in each night before bed, and a couple times during the day.

    There may be other brand names, but my Doc has always recommended the Ayr brand.
  6. MamaR

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    Do you find the Ayr brand in pharmacy? I see that you live in Ohio. I don't remember seeing it here...but can ask.
    I would sure like something that I could use really often to keep moisture.

  7. daylilyfan

    daylilyfan New Member

    yes, you can find Ayr brand product in pharmacy or in store like Target, Wal-mart... I probably got mine at Meijer. I think it's a well known brand. I think I find it where the sinus meds are, not where the cold meds are.. but you could ask the pharmacist for help if you can't find it. It used to be the only brand, but the last time I bought some, maybe a year ago, there were other brands available.

    Now, neti pots are another story. I found that at my local heath/vitamin store.

  8. MamaR

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    I will check it out ASAP!

  9. angelkisses6

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    Hi i was reading all the post and thought i would ask, what does the sores in the nose look like? I have had a raw spot in my nose that bleeds and hurts like heck,and i have always gotten cold sores my whole life right before i get sick,anyway i asked the dr to look at it once and she said ya its a little raw,can you say duh!It looks like i guess a scape would if it was outside the body except raw,heck who knows maybe its just a raw nose,lol Well thanks for all your help,oh ya i also read that it could be from lupus? well i know if anyone would know it would be you guys more than a dr for sure,take care all andthanks again,marieann
  10. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    Well, it is hard to actually see what they look like....but, if you won't laugh...I will tell you something!!

    Since I get them often...I was trying to figure out what was going on. You know...there seemed to be no reason for it.

    I wear eye glasses (can't wear contacts) so you should have seen me....with the small flash light and hand mirror turning my head all which of ways.

    I finally could see that it was like a raw, white place. I have never had a cold sore outside my mouth...but I have had them inside my mouth. It looks similar...I guess.

  11. angelkisses6

    angelkisses6 New Member

    Thanks for the fast answer,and theres no way i would laugh at that,you see i did the same thing and i also wear glasses so i do know what your talking about,and i know if someone had walked in on me doing that they would never let me forget it,lol,take care,marieann
  12. MamaR

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    I just happened to be here when you posted.
    I am learning alot from this post.

    I imagine some are thinking it is wierd to talk about though!! But, it is just another part of life........I guess!

    I am headed off to try to get stuff done before hubby comes home.

    See ya later.....Mari
  13. MaryCecelia

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    Glad you posted this. I have these from time to time, especially lately. My dr. prescribed Bactroban cream, and it sometimes helps.
  14. Dave Galino

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    Do you use artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame or sucralose ? If not, I can't help you.
    If so, please listen:
    I starting having many problems that the doctors had no cure for, and one of them was sore spots in my nose and sinus, and I had to realize for myself that I had aspartame poisoning (diet sodas, equal, etc). As soon as I quit aspartame completely, I started to feel better, other than the headaches that go along with aspartame withdrawal.
    No more problems, no more spots in my nose. It is highly addictive. Google aspartame side effects and aspartame withdrawal for sites to help you. Regular doctors are clueless.
    Good luck finding your answers.
  15. Alyssa-Admin

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    Just to say that it can be from dry air in the winter and in the summer...but it is always good to go to the doctor, even for something like this, to get it checked out...as it could either be a bacterial or fungal infection. You don't want to be playing with those...or covering them up with vaseline either!