Sore throat...doc suspects mono, again!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ilovepink4, Jul 11, 2009.

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    I just was at the clinic this morning for a throat culture. I thought I had strep throat. The entire length of my tonsil is white. Normally I get some white patches but not this! My throat culture was negative for strep. He didn't mention it but I know they keep checking it over 48 hours to see if it will turn positive.

    What surprised me was that the doc kept talking about mono, checked my stomach for inlarged, swollen organs (due to mono), and said that my throat looked like a "mono throat".

    I already had mono at age 31. It wasn't a very severe case but over the following yr or two, i never felt like I had my energy back. I think getting mono was ONE of the contributing factors to me getting fibro. I had all kinds of triggers. Major surgery, mono, death of a close friend,car accident, and lots of stress!!!!

    anyone else have mono more than once? how about after you got fibro? or CFS?

    Doc didn't check my blood for mono because he thought it would be too early since the sore throat just started Thursday night....

    I wonder if I have chronic epstein barr virus?
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    You need to know if you have epstein barr virus. I was just dx with this a few days ago. There are meds that help keep it under control. If u have ever had mono, u usually carry the epstein barr virus, esp. if u never recovered from mono.

    I know how u are feeling, but my advice is to get it checked.

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    get EBV testing with the entire panel, at focus labs or specialty labs. you want the early antigen (EA), nuclear antigen (NA) and VCA (viral capsid antigen).

    if its still active, you can take valtrex or famvir.
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    I suspect I had mono when I was 20. That was when I came down with something either mono or the flu that led to me being diagnosed with Chronic EBV and that led to my CFS. I suspect I've had Mono at times again since then or the chronic EBV is causing Mono-like relapses.

    I've had white patches on my throat a lot too. I've never had my whole tonsils covered though. I hope it clears up for you soon.

    I find Throat Coat Tea by Traditional Medicinals with honey very soothing. I like to throw a Chamomile in with it for my tummy. That combo tastes good too. I also like the Throat Coat drops. You can get both online or at some stores. I like to use throat sprays from the health food store. They're online too.

    I find Echinacea tincture helpful though not the one from Traditional Medicinals which irritates my throat. You can get the tinctures at the healthfood store. The kid version tastes the best. Also, Astragulus tincture is very helpful for this as well. The pill form of either one makes me extremely sick though.

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