Sore Throat from talking????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by happygranny, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. happygranny

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    More and more I am noticing that if I have a long conversation with someone, my throat feels raw and tight. Almost like it used to when I was 'younger' and went to dances with loud music and was talking loud to be heard over the sound.

    I do have the chronic sore throat, it is just worsened when talking and I wonder what the relationship is.

    Anyone else have this symptom to add to their list?

  2. Robbimo

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    Hi Jeannie,

    I have the chronic sore throat too and talking for prolonged periods or loudly makes it worse. In fact, this was one of the factors that forced me to quit teaching- my throat was raw by the end of the day.

    Of course, my husband would say that this problem hasn't slowed me down at all, that I talk as much as ever. At least, I think that's what he'd say if I ever let him get a word in edgewise.

    Hugs, Robbie
  3. happygranny

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    It must have been very difficult, trying to teach with a throat problem like the kind we have. Just talking on the phone for a while makes mine raw.
    Of course it was likely very difficult to accept the fact that you had to quit e teaching too.

    Your husband sound like a comedian , and we need all the humor we can get. LOL

    Are you taking any treatment of any kind?

  4. ssMarilyn

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    I get this too, and have since the 80's, way before I got sick. I wonder if it's got something to do with weak throat muscles? I'm home alone, so don't talk much, so I know my vocal cords are REALLY outa shape.

    Marilyn :)
  5. dhcpolwnk

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    I've been dealing with a chronic sore throat for a long time--well over a year. (I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in August 2002 but probably had it before that.) I have GERD, and my ENT doctor said my recurrent hoarseness and sore throat may be related to damage from the acid. She also said that sinusitis can irritate the lining of the throat. She suggested salt-water gargles and saline nose spray (which you can buy pre-packaged or prepare yourself and administer using a nasal syringe). I have tried both on occasion, but I must admit that I usually forget to try that.

    This has been a big problem for me in my advocacy efforts on disability rights and health-care reform. (I'm a public policy analyst, consultant and an advocate for disability rights and health-care reform.) In October, I coordinated the health-care portion of a major disability rights conference in Los Angeles at which I had to make four presentations. A week before, I had lost my voice completely, and my throat was bothering me throughout the two-day conference. I was very grateful to get through it with both my voice and my throat intact!

    Meanwhile, I have virtually given up trying to sing, which is sad for me. Not that I was ever any good at it, but I compose music and record digital versions of my songs on CDs (in additon to creating MP3 versions to post on my MP3 web site). But some of my songs have lyrics, and since I can't sing anymore, I can't record those songs even just to demonstrate how the lyrics need to be sung. (Sometimes that's obvious, but in other cases, I use counterpoint melodies in the recording that make it a little hard to follow the melody line without hearing it sung first.)

    In any case, my answer to your question is, I regret to say, yes. I do have a sore throat that gets worse when I talk a lot (which my family will assure you is most of the time)--as well as when I try to sing.

    --Laura R.M.
  6. happygranny

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    Well, I can't Public Speak anymore mainly because my brain doesn't compute the words like it used to, and I never could sing LOL,

    My PCP did say my sore throat was the result of Acid reflux and I am on Pariot to that end. It keeps the acid reflux totally in control, but the sore throat is still there most of the time. It is really flaring now.

    I have just finished a 2 week course of Colloidal Silver, and the Herbalist at the Health Food store told me it was the best CS available, so I would have thought it would have helped kill off any bacteria or viruses hanging aroung my throat.
    Also got a cold sore right after I finished the CS course. Made me wonder why that would happen?
    Gargling with salt water helps a bit, but only temporarily. We need to get the old Immune system working again.

    A woman I met on the Guaifenesin Support board at the Guaidoc site said that 15 months after starting her Guaifenesin protocol she feels her Immune System is functioning so much better than it was before. She says"
    the change in my immune system has been instant and miraculous. Basically I haven't had one infection since I started guai (15 months ago), my hay fever only bothered me a few days last year and I would consider it gone now. Guai has done what all anti-histhamines falied to do! I did cycle with sore throats a lot at the start but have them less now."

    Her words are giving me hope as I have started the Guai protocol and am into my fourth week. Maybe that is why my throat is especially sore, like she said, its gets worse before it gets better as we 'cycle' through the sick places in our bodies.

  7. healthnutsy

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    I have a problem when I talk a lot that I feel like I have post nasal drip and need to constantly clear my throat. Is a major hassle in the classroom and my students get jealous that I ccan drink water! Well, I don't get out in the halls between periodds and can't get to the water fountain...ahh, the rights of the aged!!! I just wait till I don't have to talk but mine doesn't get raw so I am lucky. I go home and collapse anyway so get rrecovered after a few hours to talk to my kids and give instructions or help with homework.
    No real suggestions here except to try and figure out the trigger point that deals with this and get it massaged!!
  8. Robbimo

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    I have tried many of the treatments mentioned on this board and some that have not been. While my energy has greatly improved, nothing has seemed to help the pain, including the sore throat pain. I plan to keep trying, though! If something helps you, please let us all know. Robbie
  9. nelson6

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    Yes, sore throat, I
    been moaning about that too. doc sent me to ent says everythings fine. No acid, no strep, no mono just sore
    throat every day..Nuts I don't know, hope somebody does.
    I think sore throat goes with CFS if you know about that
  10. happygranny

    happygranny Member

    When I first posted this question on 29th of Nov. I was plagued with sore throat problems.
    Now, 4 weeks into my guai protocol, I have not had any sore throat in a week.
    It will probably occur again as the guaifenesin cycles the phosphates out of my body, but I think this clear week is a very good sigh of things to come.

    Now, if we could do something about my PVCs and chest muscle pain. That is where the cycles are the last few days.
  11. gvmeabrk

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    I have the throat problem as well.I cannot even read to my child it feels like i am going to loose my voice after the first page and aches terribly more of a throbbing like a bad headache.I also have the constant nasal dripping.But I would assume that since everything from scalp to toes is affected why wouldn't your throat?my tongue is even swollen and sore I have to be careful when I eat and drink.hubby gets so irritated because i eat so slowly!!!

    CATHYRG New Member

    hi, i confess i lurk more then i contribute,but i may shed some lite on the sore throat issue.i have lupus,fibro,RA, and sjogren's syndrome. i have chronic dry throat and horseness unless i liquidize constantly. this does help it alot.water is my drink of chice but its not unusual for me to be drinking coffee,water etc all at the same time. as with the rest of my dx it is better and or worse at times. i do have gerd also and take prevasid x2 daily.i know uping our fluid intake sounds to simple but it does work for me. thanks for leting me share and not be a total lurker, cathy
  13. lighthouselady

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    Another lurker heard from, I have been having this problem probably for the last several months. I quit smoking a year ago and didn't have this much dry cough. It seems if I talk more than 10 or 15 minutes, just conversations with someone, I have to constantly clear my throat, even if I'm drinking water to. Sure can't be a motor mouth with this problem. I plan to ask my new rheumy about it when I seem him in Feb. At least I know I'm not alone.

  14. scotlandrose

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    I was a music therapist working with disabled children till I lost my job 2 years ago due to CFIDS. I had to sing up to 5 hours a day and I had horrible sore throats! Now , like many others, it just hurts after talking 30 minutes or so. I really miss was my life. I have tried a couple of times, but I have no energy and it hurts bad after 1 song. Nothing has helped me either..

    Scotland Rose
  15. CreateHope

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    Somebody said their throat was closing up and that they had difficulty swallowing, and took a long time eating, and hubby is getting impatient...

    I am there, sweetie. I am allergic to just about EVERYTHING. I can't take antibiotics, sulfa based drugs, predisone (steriod found in my asthma inhalers)and I have severe food allergies.

    I found this out well, after almost dying a couple of times after the doc prescribed me amoxyocillin (for bronchitis?) and then lidocaine (stuff the dentist's use to numb your's also found in over the counter stuff).

    This is what I had to do, after getting advice my nutritionist who also has the severe fibromyalgia (meaning my blood cells have broken down and can't absorb nutrients, so everything I eat goes directly into my blood...very scary stuff)...

    I am almost diabetic, so when my throat closes up (like when the furnace got cleaned and all the fumes rose up) I was lucky enough to have a guardian angel and then a former nurse (who also has fibro) a mom who coordinated everything on the phone from work, and a next door neighbor BIG GUY who came over and physically supported me until the former nurse poured a small dosage of diabetic robatussin into a small container and I was able to swallow and not pass out.

    Of course, now I'm allergic to robitussin, and benedryl...I have to carry around Epinephrin drops in my pocket book WHEREVER I GO, because if I so much as get a fume from a smoker, a diesel vehicle or perfume, I may pass out.

    This leads me to have panic attacks as well.

    Being a former private flute instructor, and having having music be the core in my life and not be able to use it is devastating.

    Yeah, I got the sore throat thing. Sometimes I just have to tell myself to be quiet and keep still. (BOY IS THAT HARD!)

    Last night my throat hurt so bad my mom heated a half a cup of distilled water and put in a teaspoon of honey, and she said I didn't snore last night. This is a good thing.

    If I have to keep drinking decaf green tea (the good stuff) so my kidney's will function, I'll do it.

    I've gargled salt water too. It stings, that's why I know it's working.

    I've even tried minced garlic in my mouth overnight to help draw out the infections in my mouth (boy did that hurt! but after spitting most of it out, I must admit I felt better in the morning)

    It's exhausting trying to keep up with my illnesses.

    Here's what I do for fun. I listen to sattelite TV music stations. I write thank you notes and holiday cards to people who've been helping me along this very painful journey. (It keeps my mouth shut.)

    I don't have kids. I'm 32, and there are 4 beautiful animals in the house I'm allergic to (right now) and I do have to take care of their needs while my mom is at work.

    I play my penny whistle. It's in the key of D, so I'm limited on my repetoire. I play Amazing Grace, or Taps, then I move to the piano for a few minutes and play the song I composed when I was 8 years old (my mom has it recorded on reel to reel as well).

    I pace myself. I try not to over do it. I'm not very good at it.

    Please be careful everyone. Listen to your body and remember to BREATHE through your nose and out through your mouth, esp. if you have asthma like me. It doesn't matter if you only can do it once quickly. It'll come back to you.

    I'm passing on my guardian angel to protect you all as well.
  16. jhmitch

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    In 1984, after having an unusually long bout of laryngitis, I went to see an MD who told me I just had allergies (wrong!).

    Finally got to a throat specialist who diagnosed a paralyzed vocal cord due to a virus attacking a specific nerve during a bout of pneumonia. He said the use of both vocal cords "might or might not" come back in a year. Unfortunately, the situation turned out to be permanent.

    Despite this, FMS, and a bunch of other ailments, I can talk (though hoarsely) pretty well for limited amounts of time but can't shout, sing, give speeches, yodel, etc.

    I just want to encourage anyone who experiences long-term hoarseness to get it checked out with a specialist. Though new surgical procedures can't help my particular situation, there are be people with similar problems who may benefit from them.
  17. cma331

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    I have all the above probs with my throat....but a recent occurence has been a sore, red tongue......Anyone else with this problem, or know what this means?? It came about after a non stop battle with the sore throat.......I also have constant sinusitis......
  18. laureef

    laureef New Member

    Hello All,
    I am very scared about my vocal cord being paralyzed already? (Before surgery) (Median position? not fully open) I still have a very strong voice. I have my right vocal cord paralyzed and need to be fused Skull to C-5, I need to have a dorsal decompression at the foramen magnum and C1 and occipitocervical fusion. My doctor wants to operate from behind not transoral, but not do a trachea unless nessary , is it not to late by then if he runs into trouble??? I am ready for surgery just still confused about the vocal cord, If I need to have a trachea before they put the tube down me again...(I think this is how it was paralyzed in the first place.......Thank you so much, God's blessings to you all .............Gina
  19. hope2001

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    READ BELOW. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE THROAT AND HOARSENESS and tightness is probably the ligaments and tendons in your throat pulling on the cricoartenoid joint which operates your vocal chords.
    You might want to visit a SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST for help with this.
    This condition can also cause random aspiration (choking for no apparent reason)
    Hope this is helpful!


    Cricoarytenoiditis, or inflammation of the cricoarytenoid joint, can be devastating, not only to voicing, but also to respiration. (W1)
    The cricoarytenoid joint is found in the larynx which is located inside the neck. The larynx is more commonly known as the"voice box" but actually serves a biological purpose. The larynx serves as a valve which prevents food or matter from entering the lungs or being "aspirated." The cricoarytenoid joint is made up of the cricoid cartilage, the thick circular shaped cartilage which is also the first ring of the trachea or windpipe, and the arytenoid cartilages which are small, pyramid shaped cartilages which sit on top of the cricoid cartilage. (Hegde 5, 68-71) A view is shown below in Figure's 1 and 2. Figure 1 demonstrates an anterior view of the larynx as if the thyroid cartilage were transparent. Figure 2 is an unobstructed posterior view of the larynx.

    Both figures allow one to see the arytenoid cartilages resting on top of the cricoid cartilage. The joint created is known as the cricoarytenoid joint. The movement of this joint is necessary to phonation or voice production. The vocal folds are attached to the arytenoid cartilages and movement of these cartilages causes the vocal folds to abduct (open) and adduct (close). See Figure 3, below, for an example of how the arytenoid cartilages attach to the vocal folds. Vibration of the adducted vocal folds by the airstream from the lungs creates a buzz which, after resonation in the pharyngeal, nasal, and oral cavities and articulation in the oral cavity, results in ones voice. (Hegde 71)

    Cricoarytenoiditis causes the tissues lining the cricoarytenoid joint to swell and eventually fixate the joint. This condition occurs most frequently in elderly, arthritic patients and is accompanied by symptoms such as pain while swallowing or speaking, hoarsness, and the sensation of a foreign body in the throat. (W1)

  20. hope2001

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