Sore Throat from talking????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by happygranny, Nov 29, 2003.

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  1. hannahhpaige

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    I had the same thing happen to me and I became so depressed and hopeless, so just know you're not alone. Doctors can be completely clueless and make you feel like nobody understands or believes you. After a year and a half of horrible throat pain and problems, and doctors performing unnecessary procedures on me (taking out my tonsils, radiating out my ENTIRE thyroid, getting rid of my uvula, scheduling fundoplication surgery for GERD, and almost getting sinus surgery on my nose) I found my savior of a doctor who took me seriously, and was able to correctly identify what was wrong: Vagus nerve dysfunction AND reflux. I totally urge you to reach out to this doctor or at least go on the website and look at her youtube videos/buy her books (ESPECIALLY the chronic cough book, because it talks about the role of the vagus nerve and doesn't only focus on coughs at all.) If you can, schedule an appointment with her because she is a genius and changed my entire life. I am not 100% better yet, but I am well on my way because of her help. If it is vagus nerve pain, you're going to need a prescription for Gabapentin and Amitriptyline for it to get better at all. It helps nerve pain immensely!!!! It is also important to identify trigger foods: things you don’t think are hurting you could be the entire reason your throat is burning! It’s hard to tell when your throat hurts all the time, but pay attention to when it feels worse, what you ate before that, and try cutting out one food you eat at a time for a day or two and see if the pain gets a bit better. Mine ended up being avocados and almond milk!! My throat immediately burns afterward. And if it is just LPR/GERD you're going to follow this diet she has on the website (but explains better in person, or if you can't afford an appointment with her on her videos) that's super strict, but helps soon much with reflux. It's also extremely important to not eat at least 4 hours before bed and don't lay down/recline for 4 hours after you sleep. ALSO: Gaviscon from the UK (not the US version - it's available on amazon) prevents pepsin from coming up at all because the algae in it creates a barrier in your stomach, so I've been taking that before bed and after meals. I HOPE YOU FIGURE IT OUT SOON!!! I know how miserable this is!

    The doctor is Jamie Koughman and their office is in NY (but worth the trip! I came all the way from Seattle)
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    Dr Oz had Dr Koughman on his show recently. I've just recently developed acid reflux so I'm chugging down the Gaviscon before going to bed at night. Changing my diet and not laying down for three hours after eating has made a huge difference for me already and it's only been two weeks since I started.
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