Sore Throat? Hard to Swallow?

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  1. ZosoLight

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    How many out there with sore throats that have never gone away. Feels like a tightness when swallowing. With swollen lymph nodes in the neck?


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  2. ZosoLight

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    How many out there with sore throats that have never gone away. Feels like a tightness when swallowing. With swollen lymph nodes in the neck?


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    I keyed in sore throat and swallow in the search messages box and noticed at least 15 responses with
    similar problems - suggest you check these out - I am no doctor but seems to me that you have a low
    grade infection and should be treated with a 3-6 month course of doxycycline - also key in doxycycline and
    you will get a load of information. There is a trigger point on each side of the throat at the end of the jaw
    line - when you lymph nodes are swollen - it presses on these points and makes it feel as if there is a constant
    lump in your throat - there are certain positions tht aggravate it as well - try to stretch up to give your self
    a break from this - also be careful when eating - until the problem is solved with intervention or on its own
    take small amounts of food and chew thoroughly - alway have water at the table with you just in case you
    get a coughing fit - drink plenty of juices to aid your lymphatic system - been there, it will get better - when you print out the info on the doxy - take to your doctor. There is an expecially long one that I post lasted week.
    Believe it or not there are doctors that do not know about FM in the depth that is required for successful
    control. If they would only read this board - they would learn alot.
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    I know that is a CFS symptom, I get that tightening in the throat now and then with the swollen lymph nodes. But I have Fibro, and it does not last long, maybe a couple of days at most.

    I tried looking this up for you, and all I could fine is this from Dr. Burton Goldburg's book; 'Chronic Fatigue,Fibromyalgia & Environmental Illness'.

    'Lymph nodes are clusters of immune tissue that work as fliter or 'inspection stations' for detecting foreign and potentially harmful substances in the lymph fluid. Acting like spongy filter bags, lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system, which is the bodys master drain.
    While the body has many dozens of lymph nodes, they are mostly clustered in the neck, armpits, chest, groin, and abdomen. Lymph fluid (1-2 quarts) accounts for 1% to 3% of body weight. exercise can incerase lymph flo by 15 times (Page159).

    This is what he recommends for the swelling;
    'Practice Lymphatic Drainage; It is important to take steps to clean out your lymphatic system, especially the lymph vessels that attach to the intestines. You can do this by gently bouncing on a mini-trampoline or rebounder for five to 15 minutes once daily. this will stimulate the numerous lymph nodes in your neck, chest, and groin to start draining toxins into the bloodstream for removal from the body'(Page 150).

    Now, I just read and quoted this book! I don't personally know anything about this.

    Hope this gives you some insight untill others share what they do for that problem.

    Shalom, Shirl

    Ps. Goldberg practices Alternative Therapies.
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    if it makes you feel any better i have the same problem with the sore throat and swollen glands, it is all part of our DD! How many of us have HHV-6 (blood test), has your doctor tested you for this? the same goes for our natural killer cell function, they should be tested too (blood test).
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    Thank you very much for the thoughtful replies!

    I heard that long-term antibiotics can really be hard on your syste :( I read the book by Majid Ali-- the Canary and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He said antibiotics lead to a further battered bowel ecology, and that is a big mistake. Even with acidophilus supplementation. Antibiotics can cause a host of problems all their own.

    But, yes, I've heard about the antibiotic treatment for mycoplasma, etc. I just have a hard time with the antibiotic treatment protocol.

    I'll keep an eye out for more info.

    Thanks again to you all!!


  7. ZosoLight

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    Hi to all-

    Yes I've been tested for all the stuff.

    I'll start doing the lymph drainage. I've got Goldberg's book. My sister actually went and met him in California about a year ago-- she has breast cancer. It's a fine book.

  8. karen2002

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    Paul--glad to see you being cautious in contemplating antibiotic usage. There are so many drawbacks on overuse in a healthy body, let alone using them with our downed systems. Long term therapy would definitely concern me too. Even with probiotics---I would have to be convinced WHAT we were actually attacking with the antibiotic therapy, and that there was no other course of action, possible. It's no wonder our lymphs are swollen---with our compromised immune systems. I think I would concentrate my efforts on improvement of the immune system. Our bodies are always going to have pathogens present--bacterium, viruses, as all do. We just need to improve this system, so it can function more normally. Especially with CFS, our Energy Manufacturing is so low---that it is insuffienct to fuel the other systems, such as immune.