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    help I"m in a panic I think I may be getting a sore throat what can I do. any suggestion? I just had all my lab test this morning . now both my ears are hurting and my throat feels funny but I have been outside and the trees are just started to get their leaves, but anyhow I don"t want to get sick. HELP. SIxtyslady
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    So sorry your feeling something coming on~

    I get sore throats alot.
    They come on fast and leave just as fast.

    One time I read something about hydrogen peroxide on Mercola's site (a medical alternative type site)
    You use the reg. diluted strength/ drugstore bought peroxide and you put a few drops in your ears at the first sign of a sore throat. They may fizz a little bit.(thats ok,..and good!)
    But I sware it works to knock out that sore throat and ear pain.!! I always find the pain gone the next day.
    Hope your feeling better soon :)
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    I guess I"m going to be o.k. think it was muscle spams from my neck into my ear. I really don"t feel a spams but my husband said that muscle that runs up the back of your neck then behind my ear was like a tight rubber band. and I had to go for labs yesterday at 7:00 a.m. and I think I tensed all up .anyhow I hope thats what it was .I have this area around my tailbone that also gives me fits,it feels like a shock runs up it if I massage it it sort of goes away and I feel better. boy what wierd things go on in our bodies. thans for the tip. have a good one .sixtyslady