Sore tongue and Sinuses

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jabobil, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. jabobil

    jabobil New Member

    New to the board.

    I have been reading, and learning from your posts for quite some time.

    I probably won't post to often, as appraisal business keeps me at the computer too much as it is.

    I hope someone can tell me if my symptoms are a new bug that going around, or more FM problems.

    For the last three weeks + - I have been experiencing a coated sore tongue, a scratchy throat and burning sinuses. It feels like I'm coming down with a cold, but that hasn't happened.

    Today I feel flulike, the tongue coating appears thicker, the sinuses are burning, as is the breast bone area. Very achy. Intestinal discomfort and gassey. No temp! Just misery.

    Has anyone else experienced these symptoms?

    I am wondering if this could be an allergy to wheat, tomatoes, chocolate,"candida", or fall allergies.

    Of course, you can't diagnose, but I am curious to hear if anyone else is experiencing these symptoms.

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  2. maedaze

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    I have these symptoms but I have cfs also and active glandular fever.
    I don't know if yours is allergy related, I know if i am ever in doubt and think it could be an allergy I take some antihistimines - just ones from the pharmacy and if they ease my symptoms then I know i am reacting to something. (don't know anything about candida)

    But it does sound like you might be dealing with a virus or 'something thats going round'. Seen this has been going on for over 3 weeks it might be worth a trip to the doctors. Or at least talk to your pharmacist.

    Good luck and I hope you get rid of these symptoms, they are awful, I know.
  3. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Jan, I find that nasal irragation helps these symptoms tremendously regardless of cause. You won't want an audience but it's very effective. You can buy a kit at the pharmacy or you can simply use a bulb syringe, warm water and salt. There are more "recipes" online if you do a search.

    Stormy would tell you that the tongue coating is yeast - and it may be. It also could be part of an upper respiratory infection of some kind AND it does seem to proliferate with CFS/FM. For me, it goes with changes in temperature especially hot to cold weather.

    If I were you, I'd take a break from all simple sugars, wheat and dairy for a week, then add them back in beginning with the dairy. But whatever else you do or don't do, begin the nasal irrigation.

  4. jabobil

    jabobil New Member

    Thanks to those who replied.

    I saw my Dr. today. He thinks virus, allergy, or possibly candida. Gave me meds for allergy and candida.

    I had posted to Stormy a couple of months ago. Following a CT scan for a kidney stone. The scan detected a benign adrenal adenoma. Now I am scheduled for follow-up CT scans to see if it is growing.

    The strange thing is the first scan for the kidney stone stated that all organs and glands were normal. Three weeks later a follow-up scan to see if the stone had cleared indicated a 2.5 centimeter tumor on the adrenal gland. I am to have another follow-up scan to be sure it is not growing.

    At today's appointment I asked the Dr. to request a review of the previous two scans, as I think it strange to see that kind of change in three weeks.

    I am concerned about the effects of too much radiation. It is my understanding that one CT is 250 times the radiation of an X-ray.

    Has anyone else on this board had adrenal problems?

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  5. jabobil

    jabobil New Member

  6. Casamadre5

    Casamadre5 Member

    All but the tongue symptom for about 5 weeks now. Can't figure it out...nothing new in my regimen. Started fresh garlic and kefir 2 days ago and feeling some better. Best to you. Sorry not too helpful. Misery doesn't always love company, eh?
  7. jabobil

    jabobil New Member

    I am feeling better.

    I purchased Jason's toothpaste with tea trea oil at a health food store, and have been rinsing my mouth and nasel passages with a saline solution.

    I, also, eliminated dairy, wheat, tomatoes. Mouth is still irritated, but better. Sinuses feel better and throat is less scratchy. Eating a lot of yogurt and taking extra primadophilus and pau d' arco. Either this is helping or it's a virus that has run its course.
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