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    I'm just wondering how your surgery went? Are you up to posting yet??

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    went well. My dr said he found a few small fibroids and one polyp. When I woke up from surgery I was freezing in a fetal position and they ended up putting 5 blankets on me! I was still so cold. The rest of the day I spent sleeping on and off.

    Yesturday and today I woke up with a severe headache. I called the dr. He didn't think it was from the anesthisia since I would have gotten a headache the day of surgery. So I am resting a lot (not sleeping) but I cannot do much with this headache. I just do cold compressess and cool shower. The pain medicine is called Torodal. I feel some cramping but not too bad.

    They told me I can't lift more than 20# for the next 3 months! OMG I didn't relize that. My dog is going through chemo and he weighs just over 20 and my son he is now 64#. I better watch it.

    I can't drive til Tuesday when I finish the pain meds. I am so glad I lined up all of the respite workers to care for my son.

    Thank you for asking about me. I think you are my only friend here;)


    P.S. I would like to hear more about your work with autism sometime. i have to go back to bed now.
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    your surgery went well. Wow! not being able to lift over 30 lbs for 3 months is a long time. I think I only had to watch what I lifted for 2 mos.
    I remember having the terrible headache the same day of surgery, and the day after. My doc thought it was from the morphine, though. It just gradually went away. I hope yours goes away soon.
    I don't directly work with the autistic kids in the building. I'm an administrative secretary, so I do see them every day, and have to stop and talk to them when I see them. They make going to work every day much easier! Just being able to communicate with them every work day is awesome. The teachers at the center are amazing also! And the teachers assistants. I wouldn't want to work in any other school.
    I'm glad you have enough help caring for your son while you're recovering.
    take care,
    hope to hear from u soon!