sores/bites on the legs . . .

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    I have a little bit of a strange question. My illness started shortly after a surgery that I had and when it began was a flu-like thing just as many people mention. At the same time I had small sores show up on my legs that I thought might be some type of insect bites (chiggers or something), but the have never really gone away . . . at the beginning I thought maybe I was bitten by something and became sick . . . has anyone else had anything like this???? Thanks! Terri
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    I live in a wooded area so am very familiar with Lyme Disease. That is one of the first things I thought, but they don't have rashes around them and I've had two Lyme Titers done at different times, both negative for the virus and I wasn't outside at all at the time. I had surgery and was in bed for a couple of weeks . . . I had even thought possibly flea bites or something. Its really a mystery to me, but since there are viruses transmitted by bites I was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything similar. Terri
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    I knew you didn't have to get the rash (my father-in-law had Lyme Disease), but I didn't know about the test. In a couple of weeks I'm going to an infectious disease Dr. and will ask about that. Thanks! Terri

    p.s. I do have two dogs and the flea thing is definitely possible.