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  1. Lac

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    Hi everyone,
    My Dr. just told me yesterday I have FM. So, any info you all have will help. I have sores in mouth and alot of swelling in my hands, knees, and basicly all other joints. My Dr. said alot of the symtoms I have are not common with FM, but he thinks that is all I have(at first he thought maybe Lupus too, but those tests came back neg.) Does any one else have sores in the mouth or the swelling? Just checking. Also, he put me on an anti-inflamatory, does this help? If it does when will it start working? Thank you for your time! God Bless!
  2. nancyw

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    Hi Lac: Yep, I have been the queen of canker sores and other weird mouth sores (except cold sores) since age of 2 (now 47). My docs/dentists have always said its some type of viral thing that I just have to live with and it probably won't go away, so I'm pretty sure it's the fibro. I've only had one instance of unexplained swelling in my foot, but other than that, no swelling problems. I've posted several times and gotten some good responses. If you do a search on this board under mouth sores, canker sores, or specific people (me - NancyW), it will list all the posts on the subject. It's a great way to research. Good luck. P.S. For anybody with canker sores, the best stuff I've ever used is Orobase with benzocaine. It's found by the toothpaste and it takes the pain away completely! It's a gritty, thick paste that you put directly on the sore and it stays for hours. The benzocaine numbs it completely. I think it helps get rid of them faster.
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  3. frogmania

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    I also have been plagued with mouth sores for years. I don't know if it is actually a symptom of fibromyalgia but my primary doctor recommended coating my mouth with a mixture of maalox w/a small amt of liquid benadryl. I buy generic antacid and generic liguid antihistamine. It helps immensely w/the pain. I take a sip of it and hold it a minute or two in my mouth before swallowing. The ratio is probably 9 parts antacid to 1 part antihistamine. I don't measure it but if you get too much antihistamine it tends to sting instead of soothe. I agree with some of the other posts on this subject - too many carbs and too much acid from citrus, etc. seem to bring the mouth sores on. Hope this helps.
  4. jka

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    i usr peroxide for them. as soon as i feel one coming on-i put peroxide on a q-tip and hold it there for a helps mine heal faster.i don't have any problems with swollen joints.
    good luck
    kathy c
  5. imagin

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    yep, i've been getting canker sores since i was a kid. didn't get them for awhile (1 year) but then got one this week. ouch! with the joint swelling tho, i'm wondering...did you get tested for rheumetoid arthritis? they take blood to test for it. if you haven't been tested you shoul, fm symptoms usually don't include swelling i thought, but RA does. check it out. :)
  6. Lynda B.

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    It only gets rid of them 2-3 days earlier but everything helps. I can't remembers the name. It is a purple capsule I got from my dentist..

    Also, if you get sore in the ROOF or your mouth that is an indication of auto-immune factors. The entires roof of my mouth turn into one huge sore and I can barely eat for a weak. Just a mention.

    Take care,

    Lynda B.
  7. Caralissa

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    I was just newly dx too. not all my sores hurt in my mouth though. they can be just a little bump, goes away after a day or too. But i have been dealing with really bad swelling the last couple weeks, usually when its really hot, but the wierd thing is its been cool in my area lately. but my fingers swell so bad i cant wear my wedding rings. i tend to make fists with my hands without realizing it because my fingers are soar. i have had multple probs with pain and swelling in knees and other joints over the years. i was dx with arthritis when i was a teenager, than had another ruemy say it wasnt. she said i had hypermobility and ended up with tendinitus easily. needless to say i will probably go back to ruemy because any swelling like this, especially in hands is usually attributed to arthritis. let me know how it turns out for you. good luck, Caralissa
  8. kredca4

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    So bad somethimes, that I have to take my Pain med's. I also can't wear my lower denture's, I have some scar tissue from having some bone's removed, when they took out the few lower teeth I had.
    I also have CMPD, wonder if that affects the mouth sore's, I know it does the gum's.
  9. Nikki

    Nikki Member

    Anyone who suffers from them should try Rembrandt Toothpaste for Canker Sore Sufferers. Except for a recent outbreak, I hardly ever have canker sores anymore. I'm almost 58 (have FM and OA) and I've suffered with them since I was a teenager . . . seems to be related to stress. My dr. said it's just a virus in the air that some folks are suseptable to while others aren't. My youngest son also gets them every since he was a baby. He's now 30.

    Rembrant makes several different kinds of toothpaste, so make sure it says for Canker Sore Sufferers. Use it after every meal (or at least twice a day). It's rather expensive (about $6 a tube), but it is so worth it.

  10. Momskelleygirl

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    but the dr said it was thrush, probally not the same sores you are talking about, but i thought i would just let you know about the thrush, that can also be very painful.
    I could hadly eat, food tasted diferently, and my mouth was in pain 24/7.
    Like I said rhis is probally not what you were talking about, but just wanted to pass on some info on another symptom of this DD.

    Hope you find a way of getting rid your mouth sore.

  11. robbiesesso

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    I've been using ginger for things such as nausea, breathing problems & for an energy boost, & I found out accidentally that it cleared up my sores.

    Try it, you'll like it!

  12. Lac

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    WOW! You guys give great advice! I am going to have to try some of those things. It was nice to hear someone else has swelling of the joints also. I was really concerned about being the only one out there that had this with FMS. I have been tested for RA and Lupus. Both tests were neg. I am taking Bextra for the swollen joints and it really seems to be working great! Thank you so much! Take care and God Bless!
  13. tulip922s

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    These are definite signs of lupus. You may want to do an internet search on lupus. There is NO specific labortory findings that are positive for lupus. Only 40% of the people with lupus have a positive or elevated ANA. Lupus is a series of symptoms and you have 2 or the major ones. I would seek a second opinion.

    I was diagnosed 2 years ago with CFS/FM and told I definitely did not have lupus,,,,only slightly elavated ANA and Sed Rate. The diagnosis was incorrect,,,,,I know have shingles, pneumonia, pluerisy (very common with lupus), my kidneys are involved and now my lungs and am facing chemotherapy.

    I don't mean to scare you, just advising you to beware,,,educate yourself on lupus. I have found good books at my local library and a bundle of information online. Take care. Tulip[This Message was Edited on 08/06/2003]