sores on the conners of both lips

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  1. churst8166

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    hi. about 4 years ago i had dentures put in, and now i have had these sore on both conners that cracks and turns white when i open my mouth, they hurt when they get dry, any clue?
  2. TwoCatDoctors

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    This may be helpful. Try this website below and if the first does not apply, go to the next and keep going until you find what applies to you.
  3. stick2013

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    If you have had the sores, only since having dentures, then it's possible that you are having an allergic reaction to either the dentures themselves, or possibly to the adhesive, if you uses one.
  4. PINKSHOES7001

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    Hi! i have to folic acid for mine. My lips do the same thing. I have an Autoimmune disease and i have to take injections for it and the medicine in my injections causes low can buy folic acid otc... try it.
  5. ameilie73

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    I am suffering this at the moment and i do not have dentures, like splitting at the corners of my mouth very sore. My lips peel as well.