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    Hi I'm new to the board (now how many times have you heard That one? I figure it's eally everyone's first name one time or another). I am havng a real crummy day in particular my head's fuzzy, sore throat, body's hurtin from hair on head to hair on toes. Breathings none too good and just plain ole tired and depressed. Last time Ifelt like this I ended up in ICU not even knowing my address. I guess I just needed some people who have similiar problems to talk to. It's a darn shame the medical community, for the most part, don't recognize these problems.Signed up for Disability 2 years ago and waiting on a court hearing I sure hope I'm in a better mood cause as soon as he says "so what's the problem?" my answer'd be "what ya got?" I'm just soooo tired of fighting. I apologize for being such a "downer" but I hope you understand and I realize there are many of you wh have it worse and all I can do is pray for you and wish you the very best. Thanks for spending the time to read this. Overwhelmed
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    Glad you are here! We all so very much understand the overwhelmed feeling. We all take turns around here supporting and being supportive so I know you will quickly feel at home and amongst friends. The days I feel the most overwhelmed I spend time here and researching this D.D. because information is power and I truly believe the more we know the more "in-control" we feel. Peace to you!love Rebel