Sorry for the post on "dr. & drug co bashing"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jaltair, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    I didn't mean to cause bad feeling, I'm sorry if I offended anyone on this Board. I really wouldn't want to do that in a thousand years as I really do need this Board.

    I just posted what I was feeling like many here on the board, but didn't expect to get the negative response that I got. It all go way too political.

    Again, I'm sorry.
  2. DLsGroovyMoM

    DLsGroovyMoM New Member

    for how you feel. I think we know that there are good docs and drug companies out there.

    and imo people are too easily offended....there is nothing wrong with a little debate once in awhile...and hope that I didn't make you feel like...bad or whatever, I am one to speak my mind and my mind often changes with each new experience.

    I say thanks for the debate...

    I just went to see why you felt the need to be sorry about it and I take it you have deleted it...I'm very sorry you felt the need to do that as once again I think it is very good and healty for us to see other peoples side of things...but I guess like I said people are too easily offended and maybe you just felt like you needed to do it...sorry bout that I was looking forward to a good read
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  3. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    No, you didn't hurt my feelings or anything, no one did. I also like a good debate, but there were some unhealthy things being said, that's why I deleted it. Someone even commented that it was too stressful for them .. don't want that. We'll debate on something else sometime, ok? Thanks again for your post to me.

    L, Jeannette
  4. Jana1

    Jana1 New Member

    I read your original post and the discussion following it with interest as my husband is a dentist and also a part of the medical community. I feel we have seen both sides of the debate so many times.

    People here take things in such a personal way, and I understand that, as when you are as ill as we are most of the time, you can hardly handle anything! Still, I wish that if it makes people sicker they just wouldnt read these particular threads. I learned a lot from the discussion.

    I have gone the regular medical route so far, but I am ready to give the holistic approach a try now. ANYTHING, if it works..I am for it.

    However, I surely see how Drs are often unfairly judged and yes, even vilified, when there was no reason for it. ON the other hand, I have known personally some really horrible people who are doctors and deserve all the bad comments they get.

    I am glad we have the drugs we do. We have horribly expensive insurance since my husband is self-employed, and no medicine coverage at all. My meds alone can cost up and over 1000.00 a month.

    I think we are all just trying to somehow feel better and many times are angry cause this is costing us so much more than is costing us our quality of life and we get so scared inside.

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  5. DLsGroovyMoM

    DLsGroovyMoM New Member

    I see this everywhere I go...people don't want certin things on tv, they don't want certin stores around etc...why are we as a society NOT being responsible for ourselves? If you dont wanna watch, don't freakin watch. If you don't wanna patronize a store don't, if you don't wanna read something b/c you can't handle it I can eympathsis but dont' read it. You only have to do what you want to do. Don't punish everyone or take away our rights to free speech b/c you cannot control your own actions...ok well now I'm gonna get bashed but guess what...I'm recoverying from my rash on steroids, I've been manic and now I'm flying dangerously high on mania, thus let me have it I can handle it.

    Jaltair...yes we must debate something again!

    Hope you are well
  6. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I read your post but didnt reply to it, I could see where you were coming from but didnt necessarily agree with it all.

    You didnt set out to offend anyone and you made that very clear so dont worry about it. Too many people are willing to make everything personal.

    I havent read the negative response and dont want to.

    Really it will be a flash in the pan. We all need you here too.

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  7. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    jaltair ... It is good to have opposing opinions, if we can keep logical control .. and I did agree with some of the comments you have made .. they were VERY good points !
    You are an intelligent articulate person.

    I lose my cool when a non-Canadian speaks about our system and what goes on.

    Please don't feel badly about voicing your view points (other than the Canadian side ! haha )

    I enjoy a good debat as much as the next scrapper !
    take care !
    Fudge : )
  8. moaningjoan

    moaningjoan New Member

    I usully just read posts and answer once in a while, and I don't know if I've ever made one. Ayway, I read yours and didn't see any harm. Ther were some bite backs I saw those. Sorry. Hope you are ok and come back soon to read this.
  9. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I did not think you were offensive at all It was a decent question and it got a good thread going. I hear you cancelled post. Too bad, I had not read all replies yet.

    We should not be scared in voicing an opinion pleasantly here. You were pleasant enough. Hope I was.

    Love Anne
  10. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    I truly appreciate it.

    Jana, with your husband being a dentist, I'm sure that you see sides that some of us don't see; I'm also sure that I see some of those sides as well. It's just difficult to try to explain positions I guess, and my brain sometimes doesn't work like it should (LOL Fibro Fog you know).

    I understand the costs of care; I have to pay co-pays and other expenses as well. The meds for my husband and I add up to about $2500 a year AFTER we pay our co-pays! It is scary. One thing that really scares me is the fact that my hubby and I are looking at retirement, hopefully within 2 years, and we are both on so many meds. If our co-pays are so much, you can imagine how much the actual costs of our medicines will be when we don't have pharmacy coverage! We want to get as healthy as possible before then so that we can possibly go off some of the meds. The whole area of health care is frustrating, I fully understand.

    Amy, fudge43, Cromwell (Ann), thanks for the posts and the support. I'll try to think of something "juicy" and less filled with emotion or politics for us all to debate and post to sometime, or one of you could get it going!

    Rosie - Thanks for the post and support, it's nice to know we are needed, I appreciate it... Elliespad - it would indeed be boring if we all thought alike!

    Msmoody and moaningjoan - Please know that I really wasn't offended by either of your posts or any of the others who posted. It was just that I felt it was getting too "negative" and with everything we all have to deal with health wise, we don't need that added stress. There was already one person feeling that it was stressing them out, that made me see everything in a different light.

    dianna88 - I'm sorry for the confusion. The thread that I started and then deleted was in response to the thread on the "Seniors." I was trying to explain something a little more fully than I did on the thread for the Seniors', and possibly should have thought it out more before I actually posted it. I erased the post I did on the Seniors' thread as I felt it contained some of what I had said that seemed to be stressful to some.

    Thank you for all of everyone's comments, they have made me feel good inside tonight, and I appreciate them.

    Love, Jeannette
  11. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    It is people like you that make me keep coming back to this message board. You saw that the post was getting a bit negative and that obviously was not your intent so you deleted it. Good move.

    I did disagree with a couple of things that you said, but I didn't have the energy and couldn't find the words to express myself so I didn't respond. I didn't want to offend you or anyone else. I know how sensitive most of us are and it doesn't benefit anyone to post something that can be taken the wrong way. Problem is you never know when someone is going to misinterpret your intention. I wasn't sure if I could say what I was thinking without possible offending someone, so I just kept quiet.

    Blessings, Lolalee

  12. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    It was a reminder to us not to make harsh statements about a group of people as a whole. I'm sure we have all done this at some time.
  13. leomonkey

    leomonkey Member

    This is a place for people to share. And naturally we may have different experiences and opinions... it is still important that people express themselves without feeling like they need to sanitize everything they say.

    I am sure many benefited from your post. This included those that disagreed with you. I learn much from those who are like-minded but sometimes even more from those who have different ideas :)
  14. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    But, it's good discussion! Thanks all!

    Dianna88 - good work with the bio!

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