Sorry for this TMI kind of question

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    Okay, sorry to ask this, but I am really curious if anyone else has this particular kind of pain. The only way I can describe it is to say that my tailbone hurts. I am a administrative aide and I do sit most of the day, but I try to get up and move around. But to no avail. After about 20-30 minutes of sitting, when I go to get up out of the chair, my tailbone hurts so bad that sometimes I have to move a little at a time to avoid crying.

    As far as I can remember I have never had an injury there (and you'd think I'd remember that one).

    Any other sufferers out there?

  2. yvette01826

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    Ive had it on and off for years. Im currently being treated by a chiropractor and he said its a hip type joint slipping and pressing the tailbone(in so many words).

    I always feel as tho its stuck and I have to wiggle til it goes back. Then I had constant pressure in my tailbone.

    Each time im adjusted it feels better and takes longer to slip out again. Im on 3 weeks of treatments and my releif last longer each time. Eventually he said it will stick in its place.

    hope this helps
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    not a silly question according to a thread on the 30th started by being-healed (i think) titled "IMPORTANT! MISDIAGNOSIS OF CFS/FM COMMON" it is all about a connection between tailbones and this DD. have a look-see.
    happy reading , bsyounges