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    I have not gotten lost just having a flare so I have not been writing much as it hurts to write. But I thought I should say Hi and How is everyone?

    It has been just one of those months where the aches and pains from the fibro and the other things I have seen to make my life not as plesant as it could be. But I still am here and reading posts so that I know what is going on.
    I really do want to thank you all for your friendship you always seem to know what to say and when to say it.

    It snowed today really hard for awhile and now it is just colder that ever. And my body seems to think that it should not work as well as before. I feel like my body has gone in to hibernatation and is alseep. I move so slowly and my knees are stiffer as is the wrist. So me and the hot baths have been really good friends.

    I need to get over this so that I can get things done. Like clean this house so that when the weekend comes It will be clean for my daughter , grandson, and my SIL. They will be staying with us for the weekend as my SIL has drill this weekend. So that means that this grandma had better clean things up so that the baby does not get in to them. And so that he will have a place to play with his toys. HE is a fun baby and I love him to peices but I have learned my lessons to not lift him up. I will let my daughter hand him to me that is if his grandpa will let me hold him. And if Braxton will want to see his Grandma. At 10 months you never know what the little one's will do.
    So I am going to take a hot bath as I am so cold. And then it is off to bed and hopefully sleep.

    I will wait till monday to start the cleaning and I have learned to take it slowly so that I don't hurt me any more. I want to spend this weekend and enjoy it. I love having my daughter and grandson come to stay while her hubby has drill , we don't get to see much of him during the week end as he is really busy,but we will get some time to visit him at night.
    So it is off to the tub and then to bed.

    TAke care and lots of hugs to all.
  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    glad ou are back!

    i am ill myself right now fever is gone i think for now..nagging cough and congested head...


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