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    I'm at my wits end trying to figure out what's going on and dealing with doctor's that don't seem to care. I have been having trouble for sometime and it's really been bad for the past 3 months..I have leg, arm, hand, feet and back pain and stiffness. I have also have had hip and lower abdominal pain on both sides usually the right. The pain is quick when it happens but then I will have another pain almost right after in a differant spot and it just keeps doing that. Also for the past 3 months my left arm has been sore and hurt's like heck if I turn it a certain way. I also deal with faitgue and take ambien at night or I don't think I would ever sleep. I'm sure I'm leaving out alot of stuff out, but wanted to get your input on if you think this could be Fibro and what your pain is like. Sometimes it feels like muscle pain other time's it feels like it's bone pain and at other times vein pain if that makes any since.
    Thank you so much in advance!
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    Thank you Jam, I'm 43 and recently had blood work fot thyriod and vit D and they are both fine. I have been on lyrica and neurotrin in the past for nerve pain resulting from a spinal cord tumor I had in 2000 but they don't help. I also forgot to mention I have numbness and tingle at times in my hands and feet and my big toe as been numb for a year now. I have always blamed that tho on the tumor I had but I just don't know anymore.I just know I need relief from this soon or I feel like I'm going to go nuts!
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    I didn't sleep before ambien, too! The "new pain" is horrible burning when I sit. It wraps around my hips and waist and down my leg. Six weeks ago it was my lower back... My sister has fibro too which affects different parts of her body. She has suffered for years and the pain appears in new and unusual ways. What you described could be, but I check all new symptoms with my doctor. He put me on cymbalta which helped for a few weeks, then it backfired and caused more burning pain in upper body, bone pain, muscle I do know what you are feeling! FMS is horrible!
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    Hi Pooella!

    I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. You're right, many of us have been in the same situation. We only get tired of hearing that others have to go through all that we did.

    My pain varies as well. I have pain in my left shoulder and I can't lift my arm to put my hand on my hip. I try to work it around some but that only hurts worse. That pain sometimes goes all the way down my arm. It feels like it's broken. My wrists, elbows and joints in my figures hurt too.

    The muscle ache is all over my body as well. At work it is very hard for me to type because my arms feel like I've been weight training for a week solid. My legs are like that too when I'm moving around too much.

    My face actually hurts too. My jaw is in pain and the rest of my face is just super achy. When I tell people my face hurts, they look at me a little strange. :)

    I take Flexeril for the muscle aches and vicodin for the real bad pain.

    Good luck with finding your doctor that cares... It is a long, frustrating process. I hope the next doctor you go to will care and help.