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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by daylight, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. daylight

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    I've been in a huge RA flare for 3 weeks now. My RD is thinking now that I've got PSA or PSA and RA. geezz you'd think with so many letter in my chart that they could afford to buy me a vowel. lol
    So I've been knocked out for a while trying new drugs . I don't recommend doxepin for nerve pain . This stuff made me a zombie during the day and did nothing for the spinal nerve pain. So it's out! Didn't take it last night and today I still a huge sludge and magor spinal and joint pain but I was able to shower and get a test done. Doc wants me to start on Enbrel and he needed me to get a TB test. So I did. Should be starting shots next week .

    Other than that hubs is being a re pain in the butt. He get over himself sometime soon though.
    He's worried about his EDD payments. See he recently had ankle surgery and couldn't look for a job while he was healing . So now they may stop his unemployment checks . So hubs is taking out his frustration on us. Cause we only got 20 dollars left and food/gas for the car ect..... is running out. I keep telling him that God will get us through this but hubs is being mean. It's funny that outside of the home (at church) he's the total opposite and make me out to be the faithless one. This really gets under my skin as these people tend to believe him and not me ,so I just stay quite for the most part.
    But most of us are in the same place as we are . You either have the faith that God will get ya through or don't either way we are all wading through some kind of muck.

    I am so glad I go you all . You'all bright my day! Plus no one complains about my lack of "proper" sentence structure! =)

  2. fibromickster

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    Just wanted to tell you I was on Enbrel too and it didn't do anything for the pain, but it did clear my psoriasis 100% which was totally worth being on it. However, since it did nothing for the pain, my doc put me on Humira (another shot prescription) and it worked much better for the pain and also did the same for my psoriasis.

    Everyone is different and i hope the embrel works for you but if it doesn't ask you doc for the Humira. I love it and it is so convenient and they have a payment discount on the internet which i only have to pay $5.00 a month, which is a BIG plus.

    Good luck
  3. Pippi1313

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    I lived w/my ex-boy-fiend for awhile, before discovering whatta jerk he really was.
    The thing is - nobody would believe me, cuz he also was "a different person" outside the home.

    I knew it was time to leave, when he tried to convince me he was a nice guy. He actually said: "I'm a nice person! You can ask anybody who knows me!"

    SAY WHAT????

    I informed him that I was the one who lived with him, & his buddies & co-workers should be asking ME what he's really like!!!

    So, not only was he a jerk, he was also too stoopit to be forgiven...

    I'm not saying your hubs is THAT ignorant, cuz I don't know him.
    But I AM saying I know EXACTLY what ya mean!!!!!

    Good luck with that!!!

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