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    i had no idea what this was and so many people don't. i see all of your post on here and i am sorry for everything you guys go through. my doc thinks i have it and it is frightening, but with so many people afflicted there will be an effective treatment in the future. WE JUST GOTTA STAY POSITIVE!!! i am new and i hope i can get to know everyone and we can help each other with our experiences.
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    My name is Melody. I am 28, married mother of two girls 3 and 7. I have been suffering from what I referred to as Princess and the Pea Syndrome for 12 years or more and I recently found that it is actually FM. I check this site daily for tips and to help anyone that may have something I know a thing or two about. I am on Tramadol (Ultram) and cyclobenzaprine as well as cymbalta and ambien. Seems like an awful lot of pills to be carrying around but they may help me live a normal life and have a normal relationship with my family.

    I think the main focus other than raising the quality of our lives should be raising awareness about this condition or group of conditions rather. It took 12 years and 1000's of dollars to finally get a doctor to give me pain meds and more than 10. I actually got 90 and a refill, that is a victory in itself in my case. I had to print out info from this website and take it in and she used the tender points diagram that I brought her to check mine (She says I am reactive in 14 of the 18). But that is just wrong.

    Once I found this website I referred my mom and pop to it and also my best friend. I am pretty much a shut in but the few people that i call friend are now well aware of this group of coditions and the affect that they can have on one's life and family.

    Nice to "meet" you - M
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    Hi firefighter - It's very nice to meet you and welcome to the boards. You are right we have to stay positive and keep hope alive that there will be a cure for all of this.

    I have suffered with this for at least ten years now and was diagnosed about five years ago. I am married to a very understanding wonderful man and we have three terrific children.

    There is so much I have learned from this site and continue to learn something new everyday. You have come to the right place and I encourage you to read some of the stories here on the boards. "The Spoon Theory", "My Name is Fibromyalgia" and "My Name is Will Power". You can search these titles using the search feature in the upper left corner.

    Good Luck To You!