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    I've been hanging out on the lyme boards more these days than here--- almost positive sure that is actually what is ailing me, though I have fibro as a dx as yet---- (I had a tick bite in an endemic area with an expanding, circular rash... didn't know at the time that Lyme even existed there...symptom picture fits perfectly...)

    I can't say this loudly enough -- if you are dx'ed with CFIDS or Fibro, really, REALLY think about Lyme.... the symptoms are identical (depending on the stage of the illness), and Lyme is somewhat treatable. I wonder how many of us are actually Lyme/mycoplasma folks with no proper diagnosis....????
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    I have to disagree with this view. Lyme causes the symptoms of "Fibro" and/or "CFS" , therefore, if you have the symptoms of Fibro/CFS there is a high probability you have Lyme.

    If you have Fibro or CFS symptoms you may have (there are other causes) Lyme that is either un-treated, or under-treated (stopped before treatment did it's job), there is not particular time-guideline for that, but it is a clinical decision when to stop abx - i.e. are symptoms gone?

    If you 'had' Lyme, got treatment (maybe 2-4 weeks of antibiotics) and still have symptoms, or later symptoms returned, or later "another" illness they diagnosed as Fibro, or CFS, then you really need to think Lyme relapse/Persistent Lyme and treat again.

    Early acute Lyme should be treated with at least 6 weeks of 400-600mg Doxycyline to prevent this from happening. However, if you miss the boat the first time (as I did, was diagnosed nearly 15 years into illness) then it is going to take a looooooooooooong time (years) to get back to normal, and even then some damage may have been done by the spirochetes that are irreversible.

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    Please read this:

    "Section 11: The Herxheimer Reaction

    In a field in which clinical findings can be vague and imprecise, and where helpful monitoring laboratory tests are lacking, the Herxheimer reaction is an indispensable clinical tool in the treatment of persistent LD, or neuroborreliosis. In theory, Herxheimer reactions occur when an administered antimicrobial agent has successfully led to lyses of certain organisms (107). By definition this phenomenon is not unique to Bb. Fortunately, however, the Herxheimer reaction appears to provide a highly reliable barometer of therapy in Bb, so much so that a treatment course which lacks the Herxheimer response places the diagnosis of persistent Bb in serious doubt. "
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    It is true that if you take lots of antibiotics you may get a Candida problem unless (and even though) you take precautions like anti-yeast diet and probiotics. It's a possible trade-off and it can be difficult to tell what is what.