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    Couldn't help myself just wanted to share this!!! from the site I sent you a URL earlier!!!

    Dr. B (DC) said...
    Many of you have commented on just what you see in the water. I too was very scepticle of such a device. I was first exposed to this technology at a health seminar and thought "you have to be crazy to try that". To my surprise the first treatment I had there at the seminar my knee pain that had plagued me for 2 years was diminished by more than 80%. It was then that I tried to figure out how. The company I support has studies to back it up. They have studies that look at mineral and metal content of the water pre and post ionic cleanse, as well as ph chang of blood. If you are a skeptic as I was, there is good information you just need to look in the right places to get a better understanding. As a doctor in a wellness clinic where people depend on my information to help them heal I don't take to scams lightly. So all those who are nay sayers and think it is crazy, there are good brands and bad brands of this technology and the bad brands are staking their claim to the studies and information put out by the products that do work. As far as the color change in the water is concerned that is an ionization of the array and the elements that are inherent to the water. The depth of color howerver is a product of you and your cellular debris. But the color of the water is not as important as the effect the the ionic environment has on your cells and removing inflammation and balancing body ph. This has a whole body effect which for some can be life changing. As a side note, please understand that minerals are pulled from your system when you do this kind of cleanse, make sure you take a total veggie supplement or a multi-vit. after because you don't want to rob Peter to pay Paul when you do this cleansing.

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    Instead of clogging up the topic list with the same subject, why not just keep this to one thread??
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    but for whatever weird reason, the reply to link is once again missing from the previous thread on this subject, so I am replying here.....

    I was trying to be nice with my original response to your thread about getting jumped on for this subject; however, this is getting ridiculous - we do not need 4 threads about a scam.....if you feel you were truly helped, that is great, but the feet are NOT an effective way to get rid of toxins, and your being helped was very likely either a placebo effect, or something else that you did at the same time that worked and thus made it appear that the foot bath actually helped

    yes, it is true that the skin is part of the body's detox system, and yes I do believe that there are times when the body is unable to handle detoxing itself as well as it needs to, but the feet are not the way to go.....that is true, even though as someone pointed out on another thread, that they have 2,000 pores. This is what I wrote re that, and it bears repeating, so that someone does not get taken in and waste their money on this......

    First, let me say that I am not one of the people who believe that there is never reason for detox - I absolutely believe that our bodies can, and do, get overloaded at times and our detox systems can fail to work effectively enough to get rid of all the toxins they need to....have read quite a bit about this, too. However, I still believe from all that I have read and what I know about the body, that the feet are NOT a good way to detox, and the foot bath scams are just that - scams. Though 2,000 pores may sound like a lot, when compared with the rest of the body, the feet actually have FAR FEWER pores. This is about the skin on the rest of the body:

    "There are said to be 1,000 pores in the length of an inch; and of course, in a surface an INCH SQUARE, there will be 1,000,000, through which, either the sensible or insensible perspiration is continually issuing. If there are l,000,000 pores in. every square inch, the following calculation is made of the number contained in the whole body : The surface of the body of a middle-sized person is reckoned to contain 14 feet; and, as each foot contains 144 inches, the number of pores will be estimated at 1,000,000+144+14 = 2,016,000,000, or two thousand and sixteen millions."

    Given that a foot is much larger than one square inch and in the rest of the body, one single square inch of skin contains 1,000,000 pores, you can see that the feet are about the least efficient way to try to eliminate toxins.
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    Hey, Goatwoman, I never thought about trying this on my cat. Maybe I can cure her deafness. Only problem is she doesn't like to get her paws wet :-(
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    i have a eskie too! my boy is about 5. he is adorable! im sure yours is too. sweet lil thangs!


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