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    When i first started taking the Ole the first thing that improved was the pain and swelling in my feet. My right foot would swell after walking. That symptom vanished with the OLE. My IBS has just about vanished with the OLE. Also my sinuses used to be blocked all the time with chronic sore throats...YUCK !!! That has stopped with the Ole. I used to have such painful muscles that I would cry when somebody would try to massage them for me(muscles or soft tissue lol) I still have some soreness but nothing like I used to. I find that I can massage myself at night before I go to bed and awake feeling less sore and more rested. Also my eyes used to be so sore and dry and I would wake up with tons of mucous in my eyes...not caused by an eye infection. I no longer have the dryness or the large amount of mucous. I take capsule form of the Olive leaf and the oil of oregano. The Oregano is hard to find but it is out there. What symptoms do you think have improved mostly for you on Ole? I have had Fibro/Cfids for about 8 years now and I find that I have improved so much that I will beat this soon. You should consider the sweating options again...very important to keep yourself cleaned out. Yes i think we should try the Famvir...especially since we are finding so much relief from the Ole....the viruses that we still have in our cells could be what are keeping us from feeling 100%. I am a teacher and I continue to work...I will not quit working or get on disability!!!! That to me is like me giving up...I will not let this disease win. I have the attitude like this is my body and my life and there is no way this condition is going to win !!! I don't have a doctor appointment until August 7th cause my doc is on vacation. But i am going to mention taking Famvir to her and see what she says about it. She is willing to try anything that will make me feel better as long as it will not cause bad side effects for me. She is a internal specialist and i love her !!! She is the only doc that would believe that my condition was real....LOLOLOLOL. Some of these docs tjink people like us just want pain meds. Well I have never taken any pain meds for this...ever!!! Just Ibuprofen for the herxing headaches. Thanks for replying to my posts...see you later...Hippen
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    The Chronic Sinusitis (sinus blockages, and resultant infections occurred very frequently last year, about every 6 weeks) was lessened immensely and migraines stopped (have been able to go off all conventional preventative medications and Imitrex) and allergies that had driven me indoors for numerous years..I just could not go outside during the highest allergy seasons, without getting a migraine (had to stay in filtered air)..These were big longstanding symptoms, that I am so glad to be rid of..

    Then, I was checked at the doc's office for blood pressure, and it was the lowest it has ever been, especially since I had gone off my Verapamil (which had not worked very well and gave me numerous side effects) before taking the, only 112/72..It had gone up fairly high, I think, due to my insulin resistance..I have also noticed that I seem to be on a more even keel, and think my blood sugar has improved..

    My IBS symptoms are about gone...My eyes used to hurt a lot, too..but I had not connected that to OLE..Does the Oregano Oil(what brand do you use, if you don't mind me asking?) control the problems as well as the OLE? I have never had to be on pain meds, either..My neurological problems, though, are what keep me from being able to work(my CFS started, first..Do you have CFS/FM?)..I wish I could figure out a home-based job, that would work..Did you just keep improving on the OLE over this period of three years?

    It is great that you have a good, understanding woman doc just retired, for a while, so I am without doc, now, and I don't know where to find a good one..It took me about 12 years to find this one, and although, she did not understand the illness, she was much more empathetic, than most male doctors...Now, I have to start all over, again...This has happened too frequently...when I finally find a good one...

    What grade do you teach?

    Hope you find this a very good place,
    (was a mental health therapist, Master's Degree),

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