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  1. shari1677

    shari1677 New Member

    I'm sorry for posting again on the same thing, but, I really need to vent and shed some tears so I can move on.

    I'm so tired and weak. My eyelids feel like they have weights on them. I feel short of breath, like I'm almost too weak to take a breath.

    I work at home, so I am attempting to do that, but, I fear I will get fired soon because I'm operating on 50% capacity right now, if not less.

    I'm sitting here at my computer, trying to work, in tears, because I'm so tired I can't move....I just cannot call in sick again.

    I have off Saturday 9A through Monday at 9P.....I hope that is enough time to rest.

    Please help me through this............
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  2. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    don't apologize for venting - this is a great place to do that....I wish I could help you, but all I can really say is that I totally understand how awful you feel...I hope that things improve at least somewhat soon
  3. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    I don't know you, but I am sending you soft hugs thru the internet! I really hope you are

    feeling better and have gotten some rest since you posted this message. Take break and go

    do something you enjoy like watch a funny movie, take a walk, just what ever makes you


    Feel Better!

    Your friend,


  4. shari1677

    shari1677 New Member

    Thanks for the warm fuzzy feelings KellyAnn. I did get a couple hours of a nap (my employer allows me to do that) and now I'm up and working again. I feel much better, though, I know if I keep pushing myself, I'll end up crashing for weeks.

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