sorry to burden you again

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  1. NewEnglander

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    my mother passed away this morning

    I just got back from the nursing home.

    they let me lay in bed with her for two hours.

    then they came for her.

    now I'm home, wearing her pajama's.

    please pray for my father.

    he is so lost and heart broken.

    I hated leaving him, my sister will be there tonight to help him get ready for bed.

    he saids he doesn't think he can go on.

    I always asked the Lord to take them both home at the same time,I could never imagine one without the other.

    I think I'm in shock right now.

    thank you for your prayers
    love lisa

  2. Nanie46

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    You have my deepest sympathy in the loss of your Mother. It is normal to be in shock right now. It will actually help you cope over the next few days.

    Your Mother went to Heaven and is now dancing with angels and loved ones. Everything she will experience for eternity will be perfect and full of love.

    I will pray for you and your Dad and your sister, that you and your Dad will find the strength to go on. Your Mom would want you and him to be ok.

    I will pray that you all find peace. It's got to be soooo hard. You are not alone....prayers go out for you, and God is with you.
  3. NewEnglander

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    I was just thinking of this scripture

    when you comfort someone that person will then be able to go forth and comfort other's.

    I don't know what scripture that is but I like it and hope that will be me someday soon.

    I really want to give praise reports to you so that even your faith will be stronger

    love and blessings