sorry to scare anyone

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    my intention was NOT to cause panic here. just to cause awareness. and yes it is possible to hack through a chatroom. as i stated i sent a msg to the sys/admin so they may do what is necessary to make this site safer. i am not being accusatory to anyone personally, so please take my post the way it was intended. i just found it infuriating and KNOWING where it came from. had to vent my concerns.
    warm regards.
    and please accept my apologies if i acted rashly.
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    the message is way my important then the possible scare we need to protect ourselfs and others your post is very important!
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    Are you sure the hack attempt was a result of the chat room? If you are connected to the Internet, your computer is connected to every computer on the Internet. It is extremely easy to hack a computer. In fact, you can go to a website and download a tool which will give you instant access to thousands and thousands of computers. I am not trying to scare anyone, but it is really easy to break into a computer. I hope this is not a violation of the terms of service but I wanted to offer some general suggestions. First, if you have a dedicated connection to the Internet, i.e. cable modem, or dsl. You need to purchase a firewall/router. You can buy a router for $70.00-$150.00. Second, you need to have virus software loaded on your computer, and you need to update the virus definitions daily. Most virus software only costs $20.00 a year to update your virus definitions. Third, you can download software called ZoneAlarm for free. You can find their site easy enough. They want you to buy their product with whistle and bells but you can download the software for free, you just have to look for it. This software acts as a firewall and it monitors all outgoing and incoming requests to your computer. ZoneAlarm will ask you if you want to allow a program to access the Internet if a program attempts to access the internet. It also blocks and logs all outside attempts to enter your system. It is amazing, I can place my computer outside my router and I will literally get 10-20 hack attempts an hour. I use to report them, but 1) there was too many, and 2) a lot of them are attempts for users in foreign countries. Our criminal justice system has a hard time understanding computer crimes and when you throw in foreign justice system in the equation it only gets worse. I really recommend this software. It is kind of scary at times, you will be typing in Microsoft Word and it will attempt to access the Internet for some strange reason. All kinds of programs do this, I generally trust Microsoft. You can then allow the program to access it or not allow it to acess the Internet. It will even remember if you want the program to access the Internet or not or you can have it prompt you each time. Obviously, you want to allow Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to access the Internet or you will not have access to the World Wide Web. I absolutely love this program because you can stop incoming requests and probably more importantly, you can stop outgoing requests. You also have to let various parts of your operating system access the internet if you want your computer to access the internet. Again, I recommend the following

    1) router (if you have a cable modem or dsl)
    2) virus software with a subscription to get new updates
    3) ZoneAlarm to monitor all incoming and outgoing requests of your computers.

    I know this is way off topic, and I hope it is not a violation of the terms of service. I just wanted to make some suggestions on how to protect your computers. Numbers 2 and 3 are a must, but I recommend number 1 also. The only other advice I can give you is this. If you are surfing the net and you are prompted to download a program do not do it unless you absolutely trust the manufacturer. You should treat your computer like your house, do not let strangers inside your computer. I also do not recommend installing any free games or attachments in e-mails. These programs are often poorly designed and often have spyware hidden in them. The poorly designed programs can slow your computer and/or cause other problems. There is also a program called CookiePal, this program monitors cookies on your computer system. This program will allow you to only let websites you trust place cookies on your computer permanently. For example, this website places cookies on your computer for different reasons. Cookies actually allow users to customize their browsing experience and are generally a good thing. However, cookies can be used in a bad way too. The program is not that expensive, and it is another level of protection. There is also another program called ad-aware that will scan your computer for back doors. This program searches your registry and system to eliminate back doors and spyware. You need to be careful using this program because it changes things in your registry, which can be bad, if you don’t know what you are doing. Everyone is probably familiar with Kazaa, it is a music swapping software program on the internet. This program has spyware on it, a lot of people do not know that. If you don’t believe me, down load it and use ad-aware. If you remove the spywear, the program will no longer function properly. Again, I hope I have not violated any rules here, but these suggestions can greatly improve security on your system. These programs will keep 99.99% of the people from hacking into your computer. However, if someone really wants in your system, they will get in, but those people probably aren't interested in your computer systeml