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    Well I guess I can change from one foot to the other, I sure was not trying to offend anyone on my last post. All I wanted was some help to find a generic for neutron (still can't spell)that my insurance would ok. I have Blue Cross with the generic plan and it seems that Gabapentin was not generic enough for them. I do not want take any pain med. that will stop me from functioning or that could impair judgement. The Gabapentin worked fine, it keeps the triggers from firing, you know setting off a whole lot of pain. I can not keep paying these high prices on top of the insurance.
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    the generic of neurontin is gabapentin as far as I know.

    Maybe someone else will know more, I hope so, it will be terrible if you cant get the meds you need.

    By the way, I wasnt offended but if you need urgent help on this board just put 'Help' beside your title.

    People never take long to answer here.

    Good luck with your meds.

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    Lyrica? It is a sister drug to Neurontin but "cleaner". It is a new drug, very new. I am on it now and find that once I reach the correct dosage it will be effective. It is somewhat effective now, but not as much as it should be. I am on a low dose still, 50mg 2 times per day. Maybe your dr will okay this one. It is not a generic.

    God bless! Stephanie
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    but I have great insurance. As a matter of fact, I just got some of my Rx claim statements in the mail-- Neurontin is terribly expensive if your insurance won't cover it.

    I have the same ideals regarding pain control that you do- I don't want to feel "dopey" for the sake of pain relief. It is just a matter of switching one disabling condition (pain) for another (narcotics). However, there are instances when I will gladly welcome a respite from intense, unrelenting pain- even if I am a little spacey as a result.

    That said, on many days I can maintain a functional, if not entirely pain-free state using Tramadol. It is non-narcotic, and much less expensive than some of the other yalternatives available.

    As far as your insurance- maybe they will consider an appeal if your doctor sends them documentation of the benefits for your condition. Otherwise, ask them for a list of covered meds and ask your doc if there is a reasonable alternative available.

    Good luck in obtaining the pain relief you deserve. Sorry you are having to put up such a fight for it.
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    I take the generic for neurontin, which is gabapentin.

    I don't know why your insurance wouldn't pay for it! Can you call your insurance company (and ask to talk with one of their pharmacists) and ask them what drug that they WILL PAY FOR that is equal to Neurotin?

    Like someone else said, the Tramadol is a non-narcotic pain reliever (generic for Ultram or Ultracet), that works for a lot of those with fibro. Maybe that would help you.

    I take Cymbalta which really helps, but I know if your insurance won't pay for the generic Neurotin, that they would never pay for Cymbalta since it's new out!!

    Hope you find something that helps!!

    Take care,
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    And it pays for my Gaba.And its the only one I know of.