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    I am sorry if anyone took my post about a sale on bra's as an advertisment for my place of work. I just know that for most of us $$ is tight, and when other people are already talking about how the bra's they have purchased at that same place work so well for them I thought it would be nice to let everyone in on the low prices during this time. I was also not the first person to mention the brand, it was acutally the person who took the post off of the message that kinda bothered me. But anyhow...sorry if I offended anyone by my suggestions and knowledge.

    Amanda's Rumpsonfire
  2. Rumpsonfire

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    The one and only reason why I was stating that I worked there was so people could ask me any questions about it and feel that I was knowledgable about what I was suggesting. Once again, sorry for giving you that impression.
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    We have no problem with you mentioning a brand name of anything, but if you are selling the product, then I am afraid that is the 'rules' of me board, not from me.

    I also receive all the sales and clearance catalogs/emails from Victoria.

    I use and buy Victoria Secret's products, have done so for at the least 12 to 15 years now. BUT I do not work for them.

    I received several complaints concering your post, these members I am sure sell different products too, but do not put them on the board.

    I asked you to read 'Message Board Rules' and also; 'New to the boards? Click here', above left and right of this page. It will explain why I removed your post. I do not make the rules for this board, I simply inforce them, and abide by them myself as well.

    This should clear this up once and for all.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I just read the offending post and saw no offending or violations within. You had specific knowledge, gained at your job, that could answer a specific question asked by a posting member. I dont think that could be interperted as trying to make money selling us stuff. I cant see that you personally had anything to gain by giving this info other than to help that is unless you have a partial ownership in VC. If so do you give samples?
    PS: I also find the sports bra the most painfull things ever designed to torture the female body.
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    We are not talking about the post on the thread about 'bras', this was a separate one. It has been removed.

    Shalom, Shirl