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    I have FM, and went on the Candida board and looked on past posts here, and am still confused, so i was wondering if anyone could help. I have a BAD vaginal yeast infection, and i mean bad, that I can't get rid of. I have had it for years. It is awful. It used to go away for a couple of months, and then come back now it never goes away no matter what. I have used Diflucan over and over and over, prescription creams, over the counter creams too. I get it on the corners of my mouth, and i am sure i have it all over my body.

    My doctors just say, oh take some more diflucan or use more cream, and don't seem to care that it is not going away. It is driving me crazy. One thing that is aggravating it is that i am having a flare and am soaking it the tub and i know the yeast just LOVES the heat.

    I have heard of all different things people take to get rid of it and I am so confused. What about probiotics? Also, do you need to be on a diet too? Can you get them from ProHealth?

    I would appreciate anyone's help. Thanks :)
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    I have a similar problem. Diflucan does not work anymore for me. I finally told my dr that I could not stand it anymore. They prescribed Terazol and Lotnisone cream. My Dr said it covers more stands than diflucan. I unfortunately do not know how they work because I just got the scripts.
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    The fungal yeast thrives on sugars - if you're eating breads, olives, mushrooms, and any junk food with high sugar, you're only feeding what you're trying to get rid of. So you should avoid or cut down on sugar and carbs to starve it. Probiotics are friendly bacteria, which keeps yeast in check. It definitely helps balance the flora. I think you should try this whole combination for a while along with anything your doctor prescribes, and see how it works for you.


  4. pepper

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    Your doctor is not doing his job if he is not helping you get rid of this. You should be using different kinds of probiotics (Lots of them!) and be on a strict diet (absolutely no sugar or white flour). Terazol cream is really good, depending on the type of yeast you are fighting. Your doctor should be trying different creams along with the Diflucan or Fungisone or whatever. Make sure you wear only cotton underwear and go without any underwear under a dress or a nightgown as much as you can. Airing the area, even directing a fan on the area, is very helpful in getting rid of the warm moist environment that those little yeasties just love.

    There are many natural remedies for Candida. Personally I used a program specifically for controlling it but I don't know if I should mention it on this board. I am sure ProHealth has what you need.

    Good luck. Pepper
  5. deenapooh

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    So do you recommend calling my doctor as well as the diet and the Probiotics? They are just totally stuck on this Diflucan and the same cream they always give me over and over. Also, is the diet permanent? Is is too hot to be mailed Probiotics right now?

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    resorting to meds. Admittedly, I do not have as severe a problem, but suggest that with oral meds, you can use some of the yogurt and douche applications commonly found helpful. I use Yogurt, plain, with ACTIVE Lactobacillus acidophilus and unflavored yogurt with no added sugar, and be double sure that it contains live acidophilus cultures (available in natural foods stores and many supermarkets).

    Also, I use the Hydrogen Peroxide and Apple Cider Vinegar douches as well. They help make the vaginal environment inhospitable to the candida bacteria.

    If you do a search on Google or another search engine site, try searching for " Do-It-Yourself " yeast treatments. You should find a good lot of reading with some eveidence to suggest good results.

    I am suggesting using these as well as the oral meds, which with the two, in my thinking, would assist each other.

    Just my 2 Cents, and I have to make the disclaimer, I am NOT a Doctor of _Any_ kind and you should do your own research, and speak with your own doc about using any of my suggestions....

  7. pepper

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    As you know, we are all so different. Personally, I love Diflucan and feel much better while I am on it. However, I have my liver enzymes tested every month and when they are off I have to stop the Diflucan for at least 4 months. Meanwhile I take the Fungizone which does help but not as well as the Diflucan.

    I really can't ever go off the Candida diet. When I do I get yeast infections everywhere including my face. Some people can go off the diet eventually but it sounds like the little yeasties really like you.

    I forgot about the yogurt! Someone mentioned it here. It makes a BIG difference. I open the acidopholus capsules and sprinkle it on plain yogurt. You should eat that 2 or 3 times every day on an empty stomach. I also understand that you can spread it on the vaginal area and it will help. It won't hurt and at this point what have you got to lose?

    Good luck with this. Pepper
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    It's ok to ship because its a kind that does not need to be refrigerated although when I get it, in the refrigerator it goes. I am being treated for intestinal yeast and the doc had me on the candida diet for 3 months. Wondering if your doc would consider doing a sensitivity on the yeast to see what antifungal it is most sensitive too. Don't want to keep taking diflucan if it is not going to help, its hard on the liver.

    Dr. Willliam Crook is a physician that did a lot of books on yeast infections. You can find a candida diet in his book. My doc had me avoid sugar, yeast breads, cheese and alcohol. Since you have had this for so long, you may want to go on a severe one initially and then relax after a time. If the symptoms return, you know you will have to watch it for a while.

    Uva ursi, Olive leaf extract, oregano oil drops, garlic and caprylic acid (sp?) are all natural supplements that are good for yeast. I have been using the Olive leaf extract.

    Also, if you are sexually active, your partner should be treated. Otherwise, you will just pass it back and forth. Hope this helps. -Karen

  9. TeaBisqit

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    I had to use the Monistat tonight. A few days ago, I used a new shower gel and I must have been allergic to the perfume in it cause I got vaginal itching and burning right afterward that's lasted for days. On top of that, I've been fatigued more so than usual with some brainfog. And what's interesting is, as soon as I used the Monistat, within an hour, the brainfog cleared and I feel less fatigued. I've probably had a mild yeast infection and didn't realize it. I kind of suspected it even though before the shower gel I didn't really have what I'd call vaginal yeast symptoms. But just this feeling that I might have one. I think CFIDS definitely causes a yeast problem. If I don't use talc under my breasts after a shower, I get a red yeast rash. So I think I always probably go around with a continuous yeast overgrowth. I hate vaginal itching :( It really makes you miserable.
  10. jadibeler

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    Look up the Tropical Traditions website on Google. They have a good explanation of Candida and what they claim to be a cure - coconut oil. Apparently, the people in the area where coconut oil is what they use for all their cooking and oil containing recipes rarely, if ever, get yeast infections. They recommend 3 1/2 tablespoons (or is it teaspoons?)/day. It is a solid and they say it can be used in place of butter or margerine.

    I had a virulent yeast infection in '86, after intensive IV Keflex treatment, and it was never treated. It finally went away but since then I've repeatedly gotten similar lesions under the tip of one nostril and lips. None recently but I did the Candida spit test and failed, so I'm ordering some coconut oil.

    I have a related question, if anyone knows - I'm sure I have mycoplasms (fibrin level test tomorrow) and the treatment to kill them is intensive antibiotic treatment (doxycycline). Isn't that going to interfere with getting rid of the Candida and make it worse instead? I'm seriously considering just using the Bromelain to get rid of the fibrin and lock the mycoplasms out of the cells and
    call it good enough. I'm scared to death of antibiotics, for this reason

    And what's this about olives and mushrooms?! I'm on the Hg diet, strict, and I can eat both of them - and do. What have they got to do with the Candida???


  11. Solstice

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    I too would recommend the book by Crook about Candida. In the book it recommends a very comprehensive approach. It needs to be a strict protocal to get rid of the stuff. It involved diet, what you wear, and supplements to take. But it needs to be done all at once to deal with it aggressively. The book will guide you.
    Good luck.
  12. deenapooh

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    Okay, I just ordered Jarro-Dophilus. How long do i stay on it? Are there any side-effects i can expect? I also bought some plain yogurt. I have tried that before, and that does seem to stop the itching. I will check out Dr. Crook's book too.

    Thanks everyone :) You all are great, as always!!!
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    I feel damn lucky I only had one in my entire life!!
    I Just wanted to tell deannapooh yo I grew up around little rock and my brother just transfered from your Home Depo store (flooring) Never know its a small world, girl. I live in california now and sometimes miss arkansas. Just be nice to hear a few words from that neck of the woods. I have cfids/fibro and my bro just don't understand but we stil get along. After replying the biggest part of my day I will need tomorrow to recoop my shoulder. So I hope to hear something from you in a day or so.
    kjan9 (karen)
    ps my brother calls me sissypoo when he e-mails HA HA
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    a mold free diet and that included not eating olives and mushrooms because they have mold in them. Also, I didn't know this before, but soy sauce was another thing I could not have because of mold.

    I have the book "Tired-So Tired and the 'Yeast Connection', by William G. Crook, M.D. In his book he mentions using Oregano, says it is an effective antiyeast agent and more potent than caprylic acid. Also, said Oregano was as effective as Nystatin. He says the usual dose is one 50mg tablet four times daily.

    There's lots of information in the book related to yeast and how it affects fatigue, CFS, etc.

  15. PatPalmer

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    Hi Jadibeler,

    My Daughter had Mycoplasma and OLE was the stuff that helped in the end. It will also help deal with the Candida at the same time, which seems the safest option in my mind.

    OLE will help take care of anything that shouldn`t be there without any side effects apart from possible herx.
  16. baybe

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    is alive and well in my life. They put me on antibiotics back in the sixties for acne and left me on them for a year at a time, great medicine. When I was 18 and they finally stopped treating my acne with antibiotics my body was totally unable to rebuild it's immune system (or so I thought) maybe it was fibro all along, just thought of that,hhhhmmmm. Anyway, I get yeast all the time, and much to my chagrin I am not very active sexually and when I am I immediately get a revival of yeast. Seems my body has to constantly adapt to any change. But here's the good news, my old fashioned DO, that I had years ago, treated my yeast with something called Gentian Violet which had been the old standby in the pre-penicillin days. It's messy and like it's name you literally end up with purple privates, but it is the one thing that has always worked for me. They used to give it to babies for thrush in the old days. Now someone might come on and tell me they discovered it's terrible and I am giving horrible advice, but up until now I haven't heard anything bad about it other than the mess. You can buy it over the counter, but they usually have it behind the pharmacists desk because it has to be kept in a dark place. It's worth a try, it's the only thing that has ever helped me.
    Anyone that reads this, help me out, I always accepted the antibiotic concept of why my immune system was so vulnerable, if that doesn't make any sense let me know. It's amazing how many things you just accept over they years.
    Good Luck Deena, it's worth a try!