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  1. SweetT

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    Okay, most of us have heard of how hazardous antiperspirants are for our health (cancer risk, etc.). However, it's hard to find a natural deodorant that'll work all day.

    I read in a magazine that said when you use natural deodorants, you have to apply it every couple of hours. But with fibro-fog, I cannot remember that. I'm soooooo used to using an antiperspirant in the morning, and knowing that I'll be okay until I get home in the evening.

    I do sense that antiperspirants are alot like hair relaxers for those with ethnic hair---------the more you use them, the more it seems as if you need them. With hair relaxers, once you stop using them, you realize how well you can get on without them. I'm wondering if once my body gets used to no antiperspirants with aluminum, my odorous sweat will decrease also.

    Everytime I experiment at home, on a weekend where I don't have to stay out or go very far, and use a deodorant without aluminum, I'm musty within a couple of hours and have to wash up again, and apply the antiperspirant.

    Any suggestions? Ever since I was a teen, I've perspired alot in my armpits.
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  2. mbofov

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    I've had the same problem. I tried the natural deodorants but they never did much for me but the regular antiperspirants are not good for you.

    Then one of my sisters told me about a mineral stick, or deodorant crystal (they have different names) which she swore by. I had tried one kind of crystal mineral stick from the health food store but it stained my clothes. She told me about one sold by Trader Joe's which worked quite well and did not stain. Then Trader Joe's stopped carrying it but I found something comparable at a GNC store.

    The crystal mineral sticks are made from ammonium alum. I did some research on the web and it said that the regular antiperspirants sold in the store actually prevent you from perspiring so they are bad in that they keep toxins in your body, plus your body actually absorbs some of the compounds in the antiperspirant which is not good.

    The ammonium alum from the crystal mineral sticks on the other hand does not stop perspiration, but it does help stop bacterial growth which causes the odor. Also, the ammonium alum molecules are too large to be absorbed by your body.

    So from what I've read, the crystal mineral sticks are safe to use. They do work well, I know that from experience. I've been using one for a few years now.

    You wet the stick first, then roll it under your arms. It doesn't leave any apparent residue, but it really does work.

  3. pamj

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    I just saw in a magazine (I think it was SELF), that Adiddas has a new deodorant without aluminum but it helps absorb wetness. I guess it has cotton in it somehow. I don't remember much more, but you could probably google it or something. It was mentioned that K-mart sells it, so it may be out in the other big stores by now.

    I sweat a lot too, and can't seem to get away without using antiperspirant. My underarms get irritated without it.

    take care,

  4. Forebearance

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    Hey there!

    I've tried many brands in my search for an aluminum-free deodorant that actually works.

    I tried the best brand of cystal stick deodorant (Thai crystal) and it worked pretty well for me for about three months. Then it didn't work as well.

    Then I tried a deodorant called Lavilin. I got the tip from Kat James' book, "The Truth About Beauty". This deodorant actually works!!! And you don't even need to apply it every day.

    I found it at my local Wild Oats store. I like it a lot.

    It took me a while to get used to sweating in my armpits again, after having them hermetically sealed by traditional deodorants for so long.

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  5. jenn5

    jenn5 New Member

    I have used just baking soda for a deoderant, and it covers odor for days.

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